Zowie EC1 & EC2 Review – The best medium sized ergonomic mouse

The Zowie EC series might just be the best mouse for people with medium hands that prefer an ergonomic form .
For whatever reason, there haven ’ t been many medium sized shiner that have ergonomic shapes, but because of that cause, the Zowie EC series has an offer that few other mice can offer .
The mouse has a supremely comfortable form with a soft rubber cable, a flawless detector and a reasonable system of weights, all of this adds up to a mouse that performs truly in truth well .
If you ’ re a medium to small handed game that very wants to comfortably palm a mouse, then you should consider this over some of the flat, smoother shapes of the G305 and G Pro Wireless. If you ’ re a claw grapple, then the aforesaid mouse should be contenders in your list.


  • Really comfortable ergonomic shape, well balanced
  • Flawless sensor 
  • Flexible rubber cable
  • Software free, plug and play


  • Coating can introduce dirt and grime build up for sweatier gamers
  • Crazy loud scroll wheel
  • Stiff clicks

Zowie EC Series Review

Zowie EC1 and EC2

The EC mice are the arrant shiner for the medium sized ergonomic gamers, it has an amazingly comfortable human body, a flawless detector, flexible cable and potent clicks .
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Tech Specs


EC1 (Medium/Large)

  • Length: 12.8 cm
  • Width: 6.4 cm
  • Height: 4.3 cm
  • Weight: 97 grams
  • Shape: Ergonomic
  • Cable Length: 2 metres

EC2 (Medium)

  • Length: 12.0 cm
  • Width: 6.1 cm
  • Height: 4.0 cm
  • Weight: 93 grams
  • Shape: Ergonomic
  • Cable Length: 2 metres, rubber


  • Sensor: Pixart PMW3360
  • Buttons: Huano
  • Polling Rates (Hz): 125/500/1000
  • DPI: 400/800/1600/3200
  • Buttons: 5 + DPI switcher
  • Software: None
  • Connectivity: Wired

Shape & Design

Zowie EC2 Top
The Zowie EC determine has been popular since its release in 2012 with the EC Evo. In 2019, the EC1 and EC2 shapes even fill a recess that few other mice do well, the EC versions occupy, and kind of dominates, the medium-ish ergonomic shape quad with the only other mouse in this range being the rival 310 ( read inspection )
Because of its unique supreme headquarters allied powers europe and size the EC series is uniquely positioned to fit large hands that want to palm and any size down that wants to claw or fingertip. It ’ south easily to see why the EC shape has stood the test of time .
Zowie EC2 Left Side
The sneak buttons and sides of the mouse have deep grooves for an easily handle and quilt. The hunch in the mouse is basically in the middle of the mouse, its quite comfortable to palm and I would argue that the palm grip is the best bobby pin for this mouse, though I had no issues claw gripping it vitamin a well .
The slope to the front of the sneak is gradual which is what allows for a adequate claw handle, the back of the mouse is wider than its middle which is what fills in that palm grip then well, the wide foundation might cause some issues with feel tippers however .
Zowie EC2 Front
This shape belongs in the hallway of fame of comfortable shapes alongside the likes of the DeathAdders and FK ’ s of the world, it ’ second that good .
Zowie EC2 Back
reasonably much all Zowie mice are known for their discrete and understate design and the EC series is no unlike. The mouse has minimal flourishes with just a loss logo in the palm section of the mouse. There are a pair of tinge and design variants on the EC serial that are a short more recognizable, keep in mind different versions have slighly different coatings.
Zowie EC2 Right Side
The bottom of the mouse on the EC-A series features two big feet ( pictured ), while the revise EC-B series has 4 little feet. There international relations and security network ’ thyroxine an appreciable remainder between either versions, though the S series has gone back to the two big feet .
Zowie EC2-A Feet

Build Quality & Materials

Zowie EC Back Profile
The coat on the EC serial is approve, it ’ s not precisely glossy or flat. The materials on the EC is better suited for a dry hand since the determine and coat helps grip very well but as a sweaty palmed crippled I do notice some build up on the mouse, not equally hard as the glistening S2, but enough for me to have to clean the mouse regularly .
Zowie EC2 Top Profile
After a fair amount of gameplay and general usage ( and dankness ), I ’ ve however to see signs of shininess or scuff however .
This mouse is built like a tank, no rattles when shaken, no flex or creaks when squeezed. The EC series feels very upstanding in hand. At 93 or 97 grams the sneak is a reasonable weight for its size .

Buttons & Scroll Wheel

The EC mouse exercises the Zowie philosophies to the T as a no folderal gaming mouse with its buttons. The EC series features the 5 core buttons :

  • Primary left and right click
  • Middle click
  • Side buttons (left-side)

The buttons on the EC mice are a individual piece connected to the plate of the mouse, a identical comfortable find on the fingers .
The EC series mouse come with Huano switches that are by and large stiffer and louder than what you ’ ll find with most early mouse packing Omron switches. The clicks are stiff and loudly, not my particular cup of tea but some people in truth like them for FPS games. Despite the stiff clicks I ’ ve had some issues with incidentally veracious clicking when working, possibly due to the determine, it seems like it happens for other people as well but not a huge consequence .
EC2 Scroll Wheel and Buttons
The middle snap is nice and haptic, its decidedly a good ping mouse for Apex and any other game that uses the middle snap much. The scroll steering wheel is a 16-step coil and it has the signature laughably brassy strait, probably my least favorite part of this mouse, the newer S2 hasn ’ triiodothyronine truly addressed the strait indeed I ’ thousand assuming its an intentional option, wear ’ triiodothyronine draw this mouse if you like your mouse to be quiet .
The side buttons are a little recessed for my like making it harder to locate in the middle of a firefight. The pawl itself is a little bathetic and spirit light, the contrast is particularly stark since the basal buttons are thus stiff and loud .

Sensor & Performance

The EC A and B versions have two different detector. The A series comes with an Avago ADNS 3310, it ’ s a perfectly serviceable detector but international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate flawless in the feel that it has the potential to spin out when lifting off your sneak, otherwise it tracks absolutely .
The EC B series has the omnipresent PMW Pixart 3360, a flawless detector that has been proven in a short ton of shiner. The EC-B execution is no different, flawless track, no issues with spinning out along with no smooth, jitter or acceleration .
Zowie mouse come preprogrammed with nonpayment DPI and polling rate steps. DPI on the EC series do with the succeed steps ( corresponding tinge on the mouse in brackets ) :

  • 400 (red)
  • 800 (purple)
  • 1600 (blue)
  • 3200 (green)

EC2-A Paint Test
The poll rate steps on the EC-B series are :

  • 125 Hz
  • 500 Hz
  • 1000 Hz

The EC-B version of this mouse has a dedicated button on the penetrate of the sneak to choose your polling rate .
The EC-A version is doesn ’ thymine include a dedicate button button, hera are the education to change polling rate on the EC-A mouse :
Make sure the mouse is UNPLUGGED .
125 Hz : Hold button 4+5 and plug the mouse into the USB port. Once the wheel lights up, the rate will be 125 Hz .
500 Hz : Hold button 5 and plug the mouse into the USB port. Once the wheel lights up, the rate be 500 Hz .
1000 Hz : Hold button 4 and plug the shiner into the USB port. Once the wheel lights up, the rate will be 1.000 Hz. ( only do this if you have previously changed to 125 or 500 Hz ) .
There ’ s no veridical reason to not to use the 1000 Hz manner on the EC shiner, you might a well have the shiner coverage vitamin a much as possible .
The cable on the sneak is coated with rubber and is batch cushy, the cable stays out of the way during gameplay. The EC series weighs either 93 or 97 grams depending on size which is about average for its size. The mouse is decidedly a performer, the perplex shape in combination with a soft cable and an median weight makes for a very estimable aiming feel.

Zowie EC compared

Zowie EC vs FK
The FK is a smaller feel shiner in general due to its moo profile. If you like handle grip, then the EC series is going to suit you a lot better than the FK. The FK international relations and security network ’ t a slouch at decoration but its better suited for claw/finger tip character grips .
Zowie EC vs S
The S2 is a spot of a laborer of all trades trying to satisfy all grips, I ’ d say if you are a heavy palmer and need your hand filled, go with the EC. If you ’ re not sure if you want to commit to a complete decoration grip, the S series mouse will be compatible enough to whatever you end up doing .
The S series besides has a better cable system and buttons .
All photos are EC2, S2 and FK2 .
Zowie mice back compared

The Zowie EC2 is the tallest mouse out of the 3 effect Zowie mouse and is quite a different a form from the two ambidextrous shapes .
EC2, FK2, and S2 Top
The EC series is a little shorter than the FK, about the like length as the S serial, the FK serial is decidedly the most narrow of the group .
EC2, FK2, S2, front
The EC ’ second front doesn ’ t slope adenine much as the Zowie cousins with the FK being the lowest spill .
In terms of buttons the EC buttons are very like to the FK with its stiff clicks. The S2 has the lightest clicks out of the three. All Zowie mice reasonably much have the same 16 dance step brassy af scroll bicycle .

Zowie EC1 & EC 2 vs G Pro Wireless

The G Pro Wireless is decidedly the better overall mouse but its a much more expensive mouse so it ’ s not a no-brainer .
The lone thing up for circumstance, other than price, is the shape. The EC2 is very finale in size to the GPW and its ergonomic supreme headquarters allied powers europe is pretty comfortable. I could see a distribute of gamers preferring that determine over the politic egg that is the G Pro Wireless supreme headquarters allied powers europe .
Outside of the shape, the GPW does everything better, better buttons, better scroll bicycle, lighter and wireless .
If you don ’ t have shape preferences and have the budget, go with the G Pro Wireless .

Zowie EC1 & EC 2 vs DeathAdder Elite

The EC1 and DeathAdder both serve the larger pass sizes, both do that job very well .
Shape knowing, both mice are identical hard, I ’ d give the border to the EC1 with a form and size that ’ ll suit more clasp styles than the DeathAdder .
The EC1 buttons are a little cadaver, but I ’ vitamin d take that over the mushier DeathAdder clicks .
Both mice have arrant sensors .
In general this is a very close margin call, if you can try both mice I ’ vitamin d recommend doing that, if you just can ’ thymine wait to do that, I ’ vitamin d go for the EC1 .

Zowie EC1 & EC 2 vs Rival 600

Both mice are large ergonomic mouse with identical exchangeable sized, the rival 600 is a short longer while the EC1 is a little wide-eyed, both have the lapp altitude with the bulge in about the same separate of the sneak .
They both have flawless sensors, both will track pretty a lot perfectly .
The rival 600 separates itself with its buttons, they ’ re much better than the EC1 ’ randomness, a little soft with a good travel and reaction. Its cable television is besides softer than the EC1 ’ mho .
This one is hard to call, it depends on which condition you prefer, if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate powerfully prefer either, I think getting used to the rival 600 is going to give you a better overall know .

Zowie EC1 & EC 2 vs Rival 310

The rival 310 basically sits between the EC1 and EC2 in size. therefore if you find the EC2 excessively humble or the EC1 excessively big the rival 310 is there to fill your ergonomic shiner needs .
The rival 310 is slightly narrower than the EC1 which makes me believe the rival 310 is going to be a little sting better for claw, and the EC1 good for handle. The shapes are safe though, so either mouse will work for the majority of grips .
Sensors are a wash, both mice have perfect tracking sensors with no issues .
The buttons on the equal 310 are much better than the EC1 buttons, much lighter of a cluck with better reply. The cable on the rival 310 is lighter, the weight unit on the mouse is 9 grams lighter. The rival 310 will likely handle better than the EC1 .
No call here, you ’ re going to need to try both mice to very determine a preference, if you don ’ t have the time for that, go for the cheaper one, the rival 310, I don ’ t think you can truly go wrong with it .

Zowie EC1 & EC 2 vs G703

These are both big ergonomic mouse. Shapewise, the G703 has its vertex acme foster bet on on the mouse and has a more dramatic curve towards the front. This shape makes the G703 a little bit more suitable to a palm grapple than the EC1. That being said, both shapes are fantastic and will serve any large hands well. A pick here is a matter of preference .
Sensors are besides a pull, both mice have flawless sensors .
With buttons I ’ five hundred give the edge to the G703, just generally more reactive buttons with chunkier more detectable english buttons .
One big advantage the G703 has over the EC1 is the radio connectivity, because these are large mice the G703 feels a lot spare to use since it isn ’ thyroxine tethered by a cable .
In general I ’ d recommend the G703 over the EC1 .

Warranty & Reliability

Zowie doesn ’ triiodothyronine specifically display duration of guarantee. They promise that the shiner should be free form defects under normal use. here ’ s the terminology :

BenQ Corp. ( “ BenQ ” ) warrants the BenQ ZOWIE Product, you have purchased from BenQ or from a BenQ Authorized Reseller to be release from defects in materials or craft under normal consumption .
This circumscribed Warranty is only valid in the area where primitively purchased. This guarantee extends only to you, the original Purchaser. It is not movable to anyone who subsequently purchases, leases or otherwise obtains the BenQ ZOWIE Product from you. It excludes expendable parts. For any limited Warranty claim, a valid proof of Purchase is required. During the guarantee menstruation, BenQ will repair or replace defective hardware with factory refurbished parts and products. All exchanged parts and BenQ ZOWIE Product replaced under this guarantee will become the property of BenQ .

informant : hypertext transfer protocol : //zowie.benq.com/en/support/warranty/gear.html

Conclusion & Value

Mid-range price, mid-range size, top-end performance. The EC series should be a huge consideration if you find the G703′, G502s and DeathAdders of the ergonomic world besides boastfully for your hand. If you ’ re a handle bag that like medium mouse, this is an essential circumstance along with the rival 310. If you don ’ t need to palm grapple then there are a batch great ambidextrous mouse that you should consider such as the Zowie S2, G Pro Wireless and Logitech G305 .
The Zowie shapes have been proven to be a defendable advantage and until person else comes out with a bang-up mid-range ergonomic determine the EC serial will remain a rival in this class. Zowie can foster defend this class if they could only improve on the buttons and scroll wheel ( please ? ) .

Zowie EC1 and EC2

The EC mice are the arrant shiner for the medium sized ergonomic gamers, it has an amazingly comfortable condition, a flawless detector, flexible cable and potent clicks .
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