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This is why foods rich in zinc are so important

Zinc is one of the vital trace elements. These can only be produced by the body in very small quantities. However, the body needs you to survive.

  • Zinc is important for the growth process. Therefore, children in particular must receive a sufficient supply of this mineral.
  • A zinc deficiency during the growing years can lead to short stature. Wound healing disorders can occur in adulthood.
  • A regulated hormonal balance also depends on a regular intake of zinc.
  • Furthermore, in case of zinc deficiency, the concentration drops drastically.
  • Men generally need 15 ml of zinc per day, women 12 ml.
  • If you are an athlete, your zinc needs are significantly higher because large amounts of zinc are released through sweat. Here you should take 15-25 ml per day.
  • Zinc also plays an important role in the body’s supply and use of oxygen, which can improve physical performance.

This is how you counteract your zinc deficiency

Unlike other minerals, the body does not store zinc. Therefore, you should regularly consume enough zinc in your diet to ensure your body receives an optimal supply. We’ll show you which foods can do this.

  • Walnuts and Brazil nuts contain a lot of zinc. The latter also effectively covers the daily selenium requirement with just one walnut.
  • Legumes such as soybeans, lentils, and green peas are also high in zinc.
  • Certain grains can also help you meet your zinc needs. These include oatmeal and wheat bran.
  • You can also prevent zinc deficiency with red meat, dairy, and oysters.
  • Finally, even green tea contains trace amounts.
  • In an emergency or acute deficiency, zinc tablets can provide support. However, it is always best to get zinc from food, as this allows the mineral to be better utilized.

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