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Excellent song by Yolanda Adams.

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Yolanda Adams – Open My Heart

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Yolanda Adams – Open My Heart.

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  1. Even at my worse I find it hard to Denise him but just knowing he always by my side keeps me knowing everything will be alright

  2. My mom loved this song. She passed away last week and I’m just so down. She’s only 47 years old and though she had me young at 15 I haven’t had enough time with her 💜💜💜 I’ll try ma, I promise

  3. These past few days have been rough for me. I’ve been at work struggling with a broken heart. The odd thing is we hired these new people and they have been off like 2 or 3 days. I’m working 5 days straight. I feel like God is testing me. It hurts but I’m trying to hang in there.

  4. I Love You Father The Great I AM Jesus🕊King and Lord of lords.🕊💛 been in this place for Year’s waiting.🕊✡️♥️✝️🕊 Lover of my Soul.🕊

  5. Lord come by this work place turn this situation around I'm dealing with Lord you know what I dealing with in God I trust 🙏🙏🙌🙌

  6. I absolutely loev this song . I've been living in sexual sin for decades. Porn addiction is so insidious. It' imapcts every aspect of your life. I know I'm beyond redemption. God, has no place whatsoever for me in his kingdom. He's already forsaken me. I've given up hope of going to heaven. how can he love and accept somebody like me? I find power in this song. Some hope. She sings so beautifully. her music and voice cuts straight to the soul of a lost man. However, I wander through life aimlessly. truly, I have no shame. I'm so consumed with guilt and agony. I try to quaash my depression and suppress my addiction. I thought I beat this addiction. but, in the comfort and quietnes of my apartment, I find myself going back to it lattely. I hate myself for it. I hate myself period. I'm 45 and broken. Very broken. Granted, much of this is rooted in childhood sexual trauma. Millions of addicts suffered chldhood sexual trauma. That's a fact. But, i thought i shook it off. It still resonates with me even as a middle aged person. Through the form of porn addiction. I don't even derive joy or pleasure from it. It's just a passive activity. And, for what? what do I gain as a result? nothing. Yolandas lyrics really speak to me. But, I don't think God cares to hear or listen to me. He probably bleves i dug my own hole and I'm totally beyond his ability to save me. When I was hospitalized, I thought this time finally things will be different. Ill finally get right with God. My behaviors will change Ain't nothing changed. I hate myself and what I am.

  7. This is my 5 month old granddaughter song. She is a premi I've been playing this song since day one. 95 precent if the time this is the only thing calms her down and she'll fall asleep. She's falling asleep as we listen. Well she's out. I hope it's because this song is anointed.. hopefully my granddaughter will also be anointed. Thanks for allowing God to use you

  8. This song sung by you is how I got through a horrible unwarranted homeless route and more plus a Grandmother with no income in the Philippines


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