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Heating with Wood? You really need to try DIY Diesel Fire Starter…..

Learn to make Fire Starter with Sawdust and Diesel…..do NOT use Gasoline but Diesel fuel. This fire starter is so convenient, easy to make and easy to use.

Wood Stove Fire Starter

When heating with wood, having a handy means to start your fires is a must. Here is the best DIY Homemade Wood Stove Fire Starter! We mix a layer of sawdust and add diesel fuel; then repeat layer by layer.

A masonry extension rod (Dry Wall Mud Mixing Tool) with a mixing head on a Drill works great to combine the diesel and sawdust. Or you could simply use a shovel to make sure the sawdust and diesel is totally mixed. The sawdust will absorb the diesel fuel. Put the lid back on your container.

Never touch the sawdust mixture with your bare hands. We use a short shovel to fill our inside saw dust container. Keep all containers covered and simply exercise caution!! Read on to find out how to make this Wood Stove Fire Starter.

The perfect ratio is:

10 Gallons of Sawdust to One Gallon of Diesel


⇒Wood Shavings

⇒Chipper Shavings

Adding Diesel Fuel to Wood shavings
Drill with Dry Wall Mud Mixing Tool
Mixing Fire Starter with Dry Wall Mud Mixing Tool
Double Bottom Brass Style Bucket with Handle

Before using your Wood Stove Fire Starter:

Please double-check with your stove manufacturer prior to using this mixture. We have used Sawdust and Diesel Fire Starter for over 40 years without any problems. It is so convenient and easy to make. It is much easier to start a fire in your stove or fireplace with Sawdust and Diesel rather than with newspaper and kindling.

We have coupled the Sawdust and Diesel Fire starter with Fatwood Kindling for the perfect combination but usually just use the Sawdust Mixture.

How to use your fire starter:

To start your fire with Sawdust Fire Starter, simply lay 2 pieces of wood on the bottom of your stove and add one medium size scoop of your sawdust and diesel mixture in between the pieces. We use our ash shovel from our fireplace tool set to add the sawdust.

This next step is vital:

Put the top back on your bucket of sawdust mixture and move it out-of-the-way.

Be careful when dealing with fire and fire starter. Self-sufficiency involves self-preservation so just be careful!

Now, simply crisscross 2 to 3 more pieces of wood on top of the sawdust. Adjust the damper or flue to the open position and strike a match.

Watch to make sure your flame has caught the sawdust mixture.

This mixture has never exploded for us in any way, shape or form. But please do a small test fire in your wood stove to be on the safe side.

It simply starts burning evenly and quickly. Please keep your fires starter in a safe place, keep it away from young children and teach your older children to use it carefully.

Printable Instructions:

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Items we use with our Fire starter:

  • 30 Gallon Trash Can to store the Sawdust and Diesel Wood Stove Fire Starter Mixture
  • Double Bottom Ash Bucket for storing Sawdust & Diesel Fire starter (we use the brass colored one in the house)
  • Long Handle Ash Shovel for scooping out the Sawdust Fire Starter
  • Fatwood Kindling is also helpful to have on hand

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Other Wood Stove Tools that are Handy:

  • Fireplace Tools are helpful for cleaning your Fireplace or Wood-stove .
  • Double Bottom Ash Bucket a must for safely holding hot embers and ash when cleaning your Wood-stove
  • Ash Vacuum is ideal for cleaning out all ash from either your Wood-stove or Fireplace
  • Fireplace Glass Cleaner is extremely helpful to keep the glass clean so you can enjoy the flames
  • Fatwood Kindling is also helpful to have on hand

We even have a Panoramic Quartz Infrared Stove Heater……..for when we are in a hurry! These are super great for the beauty and warmth of wood without the extra labor!!

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