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After back-to-back World Cups last month in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, the 2022 International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) World Cup series continues this weekend with the fifth installment of the season. Back in Europe, the Italian city of Brixen will host the next IFSC Boulder World Cup events, June 10-12, 2022. The IFSC Boulder World Cup Brixen 2022 is the first IFSC competition to be held in Italy since the IFSC Arco 2019 Youth World Championships, as well as the first IFSC World Cup to be held in the country since 2018. Additionally, this is the first time Brixen has hosted an IFSC World Cup, having only previously hosted as continental sport climbing competitions, including the IFSC. European Cup in May. More news: Subscribe:

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Women's Boulder semi-final || Brixen 2022
Women's Boulder semi-final || Brixen 2022

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Women's Boulder semi-final || Brixen 2022.

vail hill climb 2022.

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37 thoughts on “Women's Boulder semi-final || Brixen 2022 | All content about vail hill climb 2022 most detailed”

  1. Obviously I would love to see her advancing and winning medals, but I would love Quinn Mason co-commentating again. She was fantastic! I enjoyed the commentary so much this time (and nice to hear them after the SLC comps where the mics were so quiet you only heard 1 in every 13 words). Shame about Stasa Gejo & Futaba Ito – they're two climbers I always tend to root for (I root for everyone, but I do have my biases). Natalia – oh Natalia. So far this comp 9 boulders, 9 flashes. How do you make it more challenging for those like Janja & Natalia without seriously overbaking the routes for the other climbers? Although W4 – the closeup on Natalia,. Her face was like "This is actually kinda challenging. I'm working harder than I expected I would." And she still flashed it.

    W1 was definitely too easy. The other routes may have been a bit too easy considering how the top 8 all had 3 tops, 4 zones. Wasn't too bad – very intriguing holds and routes/beta. And W2-W4 had sections that caused trouble for a lot of the climbers. Camerawork was okay-ish, although at 1:00:00 what was that camera angle? You couldn't see a single hold and her getting on the start position had the overhang block most of her body. What a terrible camera choice! I will end with the main impact on me: the top 6. Natalia obviously, Miho (great to see), Hannah (so happy for her!), and then suddenly with no warning bursting onto the scene is Serikawa, Zhilu, & Matsufuji. Like WHAT? Where did they come from? What a showing! Definitely going to keep an eye on them (added to Rei Kawamata & Mia Aoyagi). All in all a fun semi-finals!

  2. are the climbers moving too fast for the cameramen so they can't manage to show the hold the climbers are aiming for??? or nowadays technology is too poor to split the screen in four so we can see the 4 problems in the same time???

  3. Matt Groom is definitely enjoyable as a commentator, but I really loved these past few comps with Pete Woods with Megan Martin or Danaan Markey–Markey especially gives such good analysis of all the movement.

  4. Unfortunate Quinn didn’t get into the semis but great to hear her commentating. Seen her come in and be studious flashing new boulder sets, clearly she pays attention to the nuance.

  5. I do like having the men's and women's events split apart. Makes it so much easier to keep track of everything going on!

  6. I appreciate having Matt back on the microphone. Setting was ok. In my opinion, if someone gets 3 tops and four zones, they should be in the final. The fact that it came down to attempts for 6 competitors means it was a little too easy.

  7. When I first saw Natalia competing in bouldering, I thought for sure she'd be the next Janja where she's capable of dominating competitions and I was right! 😄😄😄

    Natalia has the physical ability to climb any problem and she seems like she can figure out most every boulder too and find a way to get to the top just like Janja and make it look easy too. Everytime I watch her climb, I'm just as impressed with her as I am when I watch Janja.

    Seriously I really do hope Janja reconsiders and enters at least some bouldering competitions because right now it looks like its Janja and Natalia on their own level and then its everyone else and it would be awesome to see these two go head to head in competitions. The best vs the best. 😊😊😊

  8. Pretty good semis! My only complaint is boulder 1 being soft, but 3 is one of my favorites of the season. I really liked 2 and 4 as well. Also really happy the commentators mentioned why some big names aren't competing. Always nice to hear.

  9. (Spoilers!) Really enjoyed this, great setting as well!! Very nice to have the first boulder be quite flashable, loved how challenging and interesting 3 and especially 4 were. Miho was fantastic! Stasa on 4 was intense, love seeing her climb. And Zhilu Luo! What an upset, im hyped for finals!

  10. Make the boulders harder!! It feels like every comp lately has been full of flashes, not to discredit the routesetters, but it’s frustrating to see so many tops with such ease. I mean 3t4z for the top 8 athletes, really?? One or two attempts shouldn’t be the determining factor for finals. And last place with 1t2z seems way too lenient, really hoping for a finals round without four flashes

  11. Womens finals starting to look like mens finals, where japanese are dominating the slots, clearly a different breed lol Natalia 9/9 flashes super impressive and 16 year old Zhilu Lou coming out of nowhere, excited to see the finals.

  12. Hope Japan gets 1st place in final tomorrow. Japanese Men have been able to many times but women haven't been able to this year.

  13. These timestamps were auto-detected, let me know how I did by replying with missing or incorrect info.

    julija kruder – 00:10:33, 00:21:13, 00:32:08, 00:43:36

    petra klingler – 00:15:42, 00:26:52, 00:37:54, 00:47:45

    oceania mackenzie – 00:21:04, 00:32:23, 00:42:54, 00:54:29

    miho nonaka – 00:26:22, 00:37:26, 00:59:02

    anon matsufuji – 00:31:37, 00:43:03, 00:54:41, 01:04:05

    camilla moroni – 00:36:47, 00:49:13, 00:57:49, 01:09:14

    holly toothill – 00:42:14, 00:53:16, 01:04:17, 01:14:24

    vita lukan – 00:47:24, 00:58:31, 01:11:22, 01:20:34

    cloe coscoy – 00:53:01, 01:05:18, 01:14:48, 01:24:42

    ayala kerem – 00:58:10, 01:09:57, 01:19:48, 01:30:25

    futaba ito – 01:03:25, 01:14:36, 01:25:22, 01:37:57

    jessica pilz – 01:08:20, 01:20:19, 01:30:40, 01:41:11

    franziska sterrer – 01:13:50, 01:27:17, 01:35:13, 01:45:26

    stasa gejo – 01:18:57, 01:29:55, 01:42:12, 01:51:42

    serika okawachi – 01:24:15, 01:37:48, 01:46:21, 01:56:33

    chaehyun seo – 01:29:28, 01:41:02, 01:51:00, 02:02:56

    zhilu luo – 01:34:40, 01:45:47, 02:06:07

    hannah meul – 01:40:08, 02:01:52, 02:11:16

    fanny gibert – 01:45:02, 01:55:45, 02:07:44, 02:16:32

    natalia grossman – 01:50:33, 02:01:03, 02:11:28, 02:21:44

  14. Apart from Miho Nonaka's flash that wasnt on camera this was pretty good througout. Enjoyed watching it and good commentaries! To bad Stasa Gejo didnt make finals, always cheering for her. But outstanding performance from Natalia Grossman!!


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