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In this video, I show you some gameplay elements of the Wolf Game NFT “Cave Game”. Cave Game is an interim game that is played while waiting for the full Wolf Game to be released. Sheep and Wolf NFTs roam the caves in search of $WOOL Tokens and Peasant Gems. Farmers Gems can be traded on OpenSea or burned to guarantee a rare WG Farmer NFT. As shown in previous videos, Farmers will act as a Wolf Game field production multiplier when the full game is released. My Twitter: Playlist for the Complete “Wolf Game 101” YouTube Video Course: Wolf Game Twitter: Wolf Game Website: Wolf Game Discord: Sheep/Wolves: Wool Pouch: Land: Farmers: Farmer Gems:

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Wolf Game NFT 101   Cave Game Gameplay
Wolf Game NFT 101 Cave Game Gameplay

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Wolf Game NFT 101 Cave Game Gameplay.

wolf game land.

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