Winter Dark (Winter, #1)

I underestimated ‘Winter Dark ‘ from the identical begin ( which is amusing given that people constantly underestimate the main character, Winter, and she constantly makes them regret it ). I about passed on the book because of all the hype. Amazon/Audible named it ‘Thriller Of The Year ‘ about a soon as It was published in March 2019 but, by the end of the class, the ballyhoo had morphed into strong word of mouthpiece and I added ‘Winter Dark ‘ to my TBR down. I merely realised how farseeing it

I underestimated ‘Winter Dark ‘ from the very get down ( which is amusing given that people constantly underestimate the chief character, Winter, and she always makes them regret it ). I about passed on the book because of all the ballyhoo. Amazon/Audible named it ‘Thriller Of The Year ‘ about vitamin a soon as It was published in March 2019 but, by the end of the year, the hype had morphed into strong word of mouth and I added ‘Winter Dark ‘ to my TBR throng. I only realised how long it had been languishing there when I saw that the fourth book in the series is due for publication in July .

When I started the koran I got sweep along in its adrenaline-soaked path. The unfold took the traditional techno-thriller/spy tropes and gleefully twisted them until they screamed. I watched adolescent Winter being recruited/press-ganged into the functional arm of GCHQ because she ‘s a wyrd mix of extreme sports epinephrine drug addict and first hacker and I thought, ‘Eat your heart out, Alex Rider ‘ .

My inner pendant woke up and said ‘There is no operational arm of GCHQ ‘ and I sneered at him and said, ‘Try to keep up. This is Alex Callister ‘s way of letting you know this is fiction, an entertainment, not a documentary ‘. then we skipped forward ten-spot years and I saw the madly clever, highly plausible and wholly criminal uses that Alex Callister had thought up for blockchain technology and the Dark Web, and I thought to myself, ‘What if it ‘s a double bluff and GCHQ pushes its plugged-in data-nerd effigy because it conceals its operational capabilities ? ‘ and I knew my head was being messed with.

even as I smiled at the action scene in the Alps ( Winter ‘s a descry, of path there was an alpine natural process scene and of path Winter was going to snowboard down a Black Run in the benighted and blow up a helicopter ), I realised that every prison term Winter went to anywhere in Europe that I know well, the descriptions of the places were spot on .

foolishly possibly, by the time I was about forty per penny into ‘Winter Dark ‘, I thought I had it pegged. here ‘s how I described it :

“ This is playful, clever and brash. it has an about banteringly manner of storytelling, wrapped around a deadly high-functioning sociopath heroine, skilled in hack, martial arts and snowboard, who is more lascivious than Bond and with much wider-ranging tastes. Its potent plot, plausible technology and realistic descriptions of places around Europe keep the record from becoming an Austin Powers meringue. ”

All of that is dependable but as the book progressed and I came to know Winter better and to understand the site she was in the middle of, everything got dark and more acute. I kept thinking I had everything figured out, and I kept being caught by surprise as the plot twisted and turned and with every turning, it got better. I could n’t have guessed at the ending but I once I knew what it was, I realised it worked perfectly. It was satisfying and all the things from earlier in the book that I ‘d tagged as ‘Yeah, like that ‘s gon na happen ‘ turned out to have cunning explanations.

But it ‘s not the plat or the external settings that make the script into an especial understand. It ‘s Winter, in all her disturb glory. She is a great character, as much a villain as a champion. She ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate dangerous and a pitiless as the people she hunts. She could easily be one of them and, if she was, she ‘d rule them all .

I ‘ve seen reviews that tag Winter as a female Bond. I ‘ve never read the Fleming books so I can only go by the movies but I do n’t see Winter as Bond. She ‘s not Establishment in the manner that Bond is, quite the opposite, she ‘s the Establishment ‘s worst nightmare. Her sexual appetites are ampere potent as Bond ‘s and more wide-ranging than his but she ‘s a lot less predaceous. She ‘s not vitamin a entitled as bind. She seems to be undimmed and much more dangerous and, unlike Bond, she ‘s not playing the global domination game, she ‘s out to stop whoever it is that is killing children slowly and screening it live on the Internet .

barely as Winter is not Bond, her enemies are not the megalomaniacal narcissists of Spectre. They ‘re smarter, more pitiless and more focus than that. The main baddy and Winter are cut from the like fabric and they both know it.

By the end of the book, I knew that ‘Winter Dark ‘ was not the bantering entertainment I ‘d thought it would be. It ‘s filled with ferocity and sex and acts of cruelty which are neither cosmetic nor exploitative but are disturbingly realistic .

I can see now that ‘Winter Dark ‘ credibly was the best thriller of 2019 and I stupidly let it sit on my ledge for two years. The adept news is that the following three books are available to me now and I can see what Winter does next .

‘Winter Dark ‘ was conceived as an audiobook from the depart ( there was no paperback book or kindle interpretation until nine months later ) and it ‘s perfect for listening to, not least because of Ell Potter ‘s amazingly mighty narrative. I strongly recommend that you let Ell Potter tell you Winter ‘s narrative. Click on the SoundCloud connection below and you ‘ll get a smack of what iodine ‘m talking about .

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