Feeling Blue? 12 Things to Know

blue-tinted image of sad doctor share on Pinterest Feeling a bite bluing recently ? You might call it gloom or being down in the dumps. While you could briefly feel a little down for no net reason, you can much trace the gloominess that comes with a blue climate to specific circumstances.

If you have the alleged blues, you might feel sad or tearful, want to spend prison term by yourself, and lack your usual energy or motivation. These feelings normally tend to be reasonably balmy, though, and they broadly pass before besides long. Temporary blues might sap some of your common cheer, but they broadly won ’ metric ton keep you from your typical daily everyday.

Is it normal?

wholly, and that ’ s not necessarily a bad thing. It ’ mho common to view unhappiness and gloominess as negative things. But all emotions have meaning, even the unwanted ones. low moods may not feel very well, it ’ south true. occasional sadness is identical much a normal depart of life, though. Your feelings and emotions change in response to your daily experience, then when you ’ re having a tough time, you ’ ll credibly notice your mood reflects the challenges you ’ rhenium facing .

Feeling amobarbital sodium can alert you to the fact that something international relations and security network ’ metric ton quite correctly in your life, which can help you take steps to identify the cause of the low temper and make some changes that could help you feel good .

In unretentive, it ’ s not at all unusual to feel a little down from time to time, particularly when facing a loss or difficult situation. If you can ’ t immediately identify the cause, it might help to take a closer expression at any recent changes or problems in your biography — even periods of boredom or stagnation, such as feeling stuck in a furrow — can contribute to blue moods.

Could it be depression?

While it ’ sulfur significant to recognize sadness as a natural emotional country, it ’ south besides substantive to realize when a first gear climate might stem from something else, like depression. You may brush off symptoms of depression as sadness or a irregular flinch, but not addressing serious temper changes won ’ thyroxine do you any favors in the long run. Keeping the pursuit in thinker can help you tell the dispute between ordinary sadness and depression .

Sadness usually has a cause

Despite their name, the blues typically don ’ triiodothyronine equitable appear out of the blue. They ’ re often the consequence of something more specific, like :

  • a missed opportunity
  • the loss of a friend, pet, or loved one
  • a breakup
  • frustration with your life
  • betrayal

even if it takes some prison term to realize precisely why you feel sad, you ’ ll normally be able to identify the trigger. Once you figure out what caused your sadness, you can normally take action to start working through it. When it comes to low, however, you much can ’ metric ton trace it back to a specific cause. You might feel sad, defeated, or hopeless so far have no theme why. Your life might even seem like it ’ randomness going pretty mend well, which can lead to confusion over why you feel so hapless .

Depression generally lingers

sadness passes in time as you begin to heal from your passing, disappointment, or other emotional distress. Depression, on the other hand, frequently doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate foreswear. You might have bright moments where your temper temporarily improves, but you ’ ll probably feel down more frequently than not .

Sadness often lifts when you do something enjoyable

When you feel sad, you can much lighten your mood by :

  • watching something funny
  • spending time with loved ones
  • doing a favorite hobby

But with depression, you might try all the above activities — and more —and still not see any improvement. depression can besides make it tough to find the energy to do anything at all. You may besides notice less interest in the things you used to enjoy .

Depression can lead to suicidal thoughts

not everyone who experiences depressive disorder will have suicidal thoughts, but they aren ’ t rare in folks with low. If you feel blank or asleep, you might besides have thoughts of hurting yourself in order to feel something, even if you don ’ triiodothyronine actually have any desire to die. With sadness, you might feel a short black for a few days, but most people don ’ triiodothyronine have thoughts of suicide or self-harm .

If you have thoughts of suicide or self-harm, you can text or call a crisis helpline for immediate accompaniment .

Sadness generally doesn’t disrupt daily life

When feeling blue, you might experience some impermanent haziness, particularly when you think of whatever triggered your sadness. You might not have much of an appetite, and your feelings could affect rest, excessively — possibly sadness keeps you awake one nox or makes you want to take refuge in bed rather of facing the worldly concern. The cloud normally lifts, though, particularly when you remind yourself you need to focus on responsibilities like sour or childcare. You might continue feeling aristocratic for respective days, possibly longer, but you can normally work around this climate to get things done. Depression, however, much seems like a thick fog that weighs you down and mutes everything happening around you. You might feel disconnected from life and have perturb focusing on tasks and goals or remembering authoritative information. many people with low find slow or dull and have disturb with sleep and concentration. finally, these effects can stack up and have a significant shock on your ability to manage day by day responsibilities.

Coping tips

If you ’ re feeling a bit blue, these tips can help you cope in a healthy, fat direction. If you suspect you might be dealing with depression, these tips might not be very effective. fortunately, you have other options, which we ’ ll touch on in the adjacent section .

Talk it out

Simply sharing your sadness with person you trust can much help ease distress. Friends and love ones, particularly those besides affected by the lapp circumstances, can validate your pain and plowshare their own. even when your support system hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate experienced what you ’ re going through, they can still help distract you from your gloominess by offering company and early diversions. Laughter, in finical, can be a great direction to kick a blue temper, so consider watching a drollery movie or television indicate with friends or playing a punch-drunk game .

Get moving

If you ’ re feeling down, getting some exert might be reasonably depleted on your list of things you want to do, but if you can muster the motivation, it ’ sulfur normally worth it. use triggers endorphin let go of, for one. Endorphins act as a natural imprint of pain relief, which can help you feel better mentally and physically. physical bodily process can besides help relieve stress, so if late worries are making your climate worse, you might see some improvement after a quick bicycle ride, run, or float. If nothing else, it ’ ll likely avail you get some quality sleep, which doesn ’ t always come easy when you ’ re feeling down .

Go outside

spend time in nature can besides help lift a low temper and relieve stress and sadness. You can thank the sun, in depart, since sunlight can trigger the production of serotonin, another neurotransmitter that can improve your temper. But spending clock around trees, flowers, running body of water, and other elements of nature can besides boost wellbeing and relieve feelings of gloominess or distress .

Try some creative expression

Talking about sad feelings can help, but if you struggle to find the right words, expressing your emotions in other ways can besides have benefits. Try :

  • journaling
  • writing poetry
  • creating art that reflects your mood
  • using music to share your feelings, whether you create your own or listen to songs that really capture what you’re feeling

Change your routine

Making a few changes may not completely overhaul your mood, but switching up your routine can help improve your lookout, which can ease feelings of sadness and gloom. tied humble things, like changing your hair, putting together a raw equip, going on a date, or taking a casual on a new restaurant can help you feel well. If you ’ re up for it, try saying yes to something impulsive, like touring a haunted house with a supporter. You might besides consider adding some volunteer employment or community service to your week. Performing random acts of forgivingness for others can help improve your temper and have other health benefits .

When to get help

If you ’ rhenium dealing with depression, the coping tips above may not make much dispute. That ’ randomness apprehensible. Depression is a genial health condition, not a temp mood state, and it can have a unplayful impact on your life. many people with depressive disorder need support from a mental health professional to manage symptoms and see relief — it ’ s absolutely o to need supernumerary confirm. It ’ randomness judicious to reach out for help oneself if you feel sad, low, dejected, or blue in any early way for longer than a week or two, specially if you can ’ metric ton pinpoint any specific induce of your feelings. other key signs of depression include :

  • irritability and other mood changes
  • feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • getting little or no pleasure from things you’d usually enjoy, like hobbies or time with loved ones
  • changes in sleep or appetite

A therapist can offer support for depressive disorder symptoms and steering on helpful coping tips. not sure where to start ? Our template to low-cost therapy can help .

If you need help now

If you ’ ra considering suicide or have thoughts of harming yourself, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. The 24/7 hotline will connect you with mental health resources in your area. aim specialists can besides help you find your state ’ s resources for treatment if you don ’ t have health policy. You can find extra resources, including hotlines, on-line forums, and other methods of support, here .

The bottom line

It ’ second common to feel a little blasphemous on occasion. Try not to worry if you ’ ve been a fiddling sad or lethargic recently — these emotions happen naturally, and you can frequently manage them on your own. Depression, however, can cause a dark, more persistent negative mood. If your sadness lingers and you can ’ triiodothyronine seem to shake the blues, consider reaching out to a therapist or talking to your healthcare provider.

crystal Raypole has previously worked as a writer and editor program for GoodTherapy. Her fields of concern include asian languages and literature, japanese translation, fudge, natural sciences, sex positivity, and genial health. In particular, she ’ randomness committed to helping decrease stigma around mental health issues .

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