What's in this CREEPY Abandoned House?! | Summary of the most detailed carolina sapphire bunch content

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What's in this CREEPY Abandoned House?!
What's in this CREEPY Abandoned House?!

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What's in this CREEPY Abandoned House?!.

carolina sapphire bunch.

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  1. A house in that location is both destruction of nature and a human rights breachment if someone forced their family to go live there. Probably some unacceptable felon was there hiding from the law and the people.

  2. Good idea , a new market Angency for Crippled Hospital Patients abandoned at home
    instead of Community Nurses , my new job

  3. When he showed us the hole in the ground and suddenly flicked the camera around that scared me half to death😬

  4. I live in a 100 year old house but it ain't breaking? I wonder Something comes in thag house and breaks!

  5. If I was there I would look but if I see or heard anything or heard something I would get out of therr . I'm always afraid I would fall through the floor so.


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