What types of caravans exist and which one do I buy?

Addicted to the caravan know that this vehicle opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to traveling, since it offers an autonomy impossible to achieve with other means of transport. Carrying the house allows you to enjoy freedom and the pleasure of sleeping in the middle of nature. Today the caravans have become enormously sophisticated, at the same time that they have increased their equipment achieving a unimaginable comfort in the origins of these vehicles. Choosing which type of vehicle best suits the needs of the traveler is one of the keys to making our trips on wheels perfect.

What types of caravans are there?

#1. Conventional caravan:

Within this typology There are three main groups: the so-called Capuchin caravans, the profiled and the integral.

  • The Capuchin caravans they are characterized by the fact that the habitable cubicle extends above the driving area, normally allocating this area to the bedroom space.

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  • The outlined They are very similar to nasturtiums, except that the habitable cubicle does not extend to the driving area and instead they tend to allocate the ceiling space of the driving area to cabinets to increase storage.

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  • The integral caravans They tend to be the most spacious and spectacular of conventional caravans. In this type of vehicle, the driver’s cabin is not separated from the living space, making it more spacious and attractive.

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#2. Mini-caravans:

Mini caravans stand out for their small size, which makes them light and compact, allowing fuel savings. They are generally perfect for weekend travelers, as their features tend to be limited: they usually only have a small kitchen and a bed for two.

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#3. All-terrain caravans:

Without a doubt, the caravan for lovers of the mountains and nature. This type of caravans are specifically designed to travel routes off-road and, thanks to their off-road characteristics, they allow you to reach places that would be impossible to access with a conventional caravan.

#4. Extendable caravans:

This type of vehicle stands out for having extendable modules, which expand when the caravan is stopped and allow to increase the space inside the house. Are the perfect option for all those who keep their caravan parked in the same place for long periods of time.

What type of caravan to choose?

Before performing a buy or rentIt is important to be clear about some key factors such as the equipment you have, the size of the vehicle or the number of people who will travel in the caravan at the same time.

In addition to these factors, it is also important to think carefully about how the caravan will be used, since the needs will be different depending on the duration of the trips to be made, the number of kilometers to be driven or the number of users. Will the vehicle be used during trips of many days? Is it going to be used exclusively during the weekend?

Depending on the factors mentioned above, we must have more or less space and equipment. For example, for fans of long trips it is advisable to invest in a spacious caravan, with abundant closets and cabinets for food and other personal supplies.

Likewise, it is important to invest in good quality mattresses to guarantee rest during every day that you are traveling. On the contrary, if you are looking for a caravan for shorter trips you can invest in a simpler and lighter caravan, which will allow you to save on gasoline costs.

If you have any questions, leave us a comment and we will respond as soon as possible.

And long live the caravanning!