What To Wear Kayaking | What Kayaking Outfit Is Best?

Video What To Wear Kayaking | What Kayaking Outfit Is Best?

Kayaking in the summer requires that you get protected from head to toes as high UV rays can be harmful to the skin. We understand this, and that is why we’ve brought to you what to wear in the summer.

Adventure Sandals (or Booties): Many people who’re new to kayaking often go barefoot or wear regular sandals to the shoreline during summer. This is a mistake. The discomfort of wearing regular sandals or placing your bare feet on the plastic of your kayak often outweighs the purpose, so any little investment in kayak booties or adventure sandals is worth it.

In addition, adventure sandals come with a large heel, designed to help provide cushioning to your feet as you place it on the plastic of your kayak. They can also be helpful when there’s a need to walk on rocky surfaces.

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The most common- among the several- adventure sandals on the market are perhaps Teva and Chaco while, Zero shoes and Luna Sandals are many people’s favorites.

Hiking Pants with Zip Off Legs: Hiking pants with zip-off legs are a popular choice among kayakers because they offer a high level of versatility in summer kayaking. They help to keep you cool and dry up quickly in case you go for a short swim.

Moreover, you can choose to wear it as pants or as shorts, depending on how hot the weather is.

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Long-Sleeve Polyester Fishing Shirt: While you run on water in the summer, your body receives direct rays from sunlight. It is important to cover your body up from burning by choosing a long-sleeve polyester shirt for your upper body.

Polyesters breathe well and dry faster than their cotton counterparts. You can check for the SPF rating of the shirt you want to get. Getting a shirt with good SPF rating translates to reduction in your sunscreen use.

Personal Floatation Device (PFD): To be completely honest, the importance of the personal floatation device can’t be stressed enough. Majority of recorded kayaking accidents resulted from lack of use of PFD by the victims.

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Although all these could have been prevented had the victims worn a properly rated PFD. A properly rated PFD helps save lives. That can’t be overemphasized, so ensure you get one on your next adventure.

Sunscreen: Before every kayaking in the summer, you should apply your sunscreen, even if you’re covered from head to toes following our guide. It helps protect your ears, nose, hands, feet, and any other part of your body that gets exposed to sunlight

Bug Spray: Bug sprays made with non-DEET; natural solutions are often the best option. Although this is not necessary when going on a kayaking trip to a place where there are no bugs. But is there a place without bugs? Always anticipate bugs!

Additional Wearing Options: There are a host of other important attires to wear kayaking in the summer which include:

  • Polarized sunglasses- to protect your eyes from the light from the sun shining on the water surface.
  • Paddle Gloves- to protect your hands from UV rays.
  • Neck gaiter or Buff- for back-of-the-neck and ears protection from UV light.
  • A wide-Brimmed Hat- to protect your face and scalp from the UV rays.

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