What to Wear Kayaking – Roam Often

Video What to Wear Kayaking – Roam Often

Kayaking is a ton of fun, whether you’re taking in the thrills of the ocean waves or keeping it chill out on the lake.

The only thing that can throw a wrench in your plans? Wearing an outfit that makes it tough to move and easy to burn.

You want to be able to paddle with a smile on your face and the breeze in your hair. So, read on. We’ve got tips for what to wear kayaking so you can have fun and look cute! It’s totally possible.

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Waterproof is the name of the game

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Hopefully this isn’t breaking news to you, but you’re going to get wet kayaking.

Sure, you’ll be in a boat, but those paddles have a way of dripping water on your clothes, especially as you’re getting in the swing of things. Plus, you never know if your kayaking partner’s idea of a joke is splashing you with water!

Plan ahead with waterproof (or at least water-friendly) clothes. Your best bet is a swimsuit, or a sports bra you don’t mind getting wet.

If you want more of a cover-up, you can also wear a short sleeve shirt and board shorts. A short sleeve will protect your shoulders from the sun, but a tank top works too. You just want something that doesn’t restrict your movement so you can row easier.

Stay away from those rays

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If you want to level up your sun protection, rashguards are the thing for you. These spandex tops are fitted and flattering, but stretchy like an athletic top. If you’ve never heard of them before, they’re those long sleeve shirts surfers wear to stay protected from the sun’s UV rays.

Speaking of the sun, don’t forget your sunscreen and a hat! Not only will a hat offer additional sun protection, but it’ll take your kayaking outfit from cute to supercute.

What about your hair and jewelry?

How should you wear your hair while kayaking? It’s up to you. You can go the practical route with a sporty ponytail or messy bun, or let those locks hang long.

Want to keep your options open? Accessorize with a hairtie bangle like The Lift. Available in three metallic colors, it offers just the right amount of shine as your skin glistens in the sunlight. Plus, the bangle has a special groove for you to store a hairtie.

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As for your other jewelry, remember that kayaking’s an active activity, so we recommend keeping it simple. A few rings and a pair of studs add a little visual interest without getting in the way.

There you have it – all you need for a fun day of kayaking! The only thing left to do is load up your favorite Spotify playlist and bring your portable waterproof speaker. With a great outfit and some tunes, you’re set for a fantastic day out on the water.

For more kayaking outfit ideas, check out our Pinterest board!

Roam often, stay stylish.

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