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Fries are a true all-rounder. Crispy Fried Root Vegetable is good on its own, but also with many other delicious ingredients. Here we show you what you can eat with French fries.

What to eat with fries?

French fries are one of the favorite dishes in German cuisine. Especially since they make leftovers so delicious. It’s easy to overcook some potatoes, isn’t it? Personal preferences can also be wonderfully integrated, which is why so many delicious variations have already been created and will surely be created in the future. The culinary companions that can accompany it are as varied as the dish itself. Here you will find our favorite ideas.

Beef and chips

French fries are an excellent accompaniment when they need to be very abundant. This is exactly why they are often served with a number of meat variations. Whether it’s with pork, beef or chicken, it always goes well. We prefer to eat fries with:

  1. Schnitzel of all kinds, eg Wiener Schnitzel
  2. Cordon bleu, like beef cordon bleu
  3. beef steak
  4. grilled chicken
  5. Grilled meat with onion
  6. Steak variants such as viticulturist’s steak or entrecôte
  7. meatloaf
  8. viennese sausages
  9. sour meat
  10. Pork tenderloin or pork medallions

fish and chips

If you prefer fish on your plate, you don’t have to do without crispy fried tubers, they are also perfect with fish. For this we recommend:

  1. Fried fish, for example, crispy fried plaice or Meunière trout
  2. Fish in batter such as beer battered fish or baked cod
  3. fried herring
  4. fish stick

Tip: A homemade remoulade goes well with fried fish and chips.

Eat an egg with fries

And what else can you eat with fries? Of course, it’s also vegetarian! Eggs in particular are delicious with freshly fried potatoes. Here you can easily choose between the following variants:

  1. fried egg
  2. boiled eggs
  3. Tortilla

Tip: We’d love to show you how to make the perfect scrambled eggs.

Salads: Fresh and crispy

If you don’t just make healthy chips Grandma’s way, the delicious stuff is often very hard to eat and often adds a lot of calories. How can you also accompany this fresh salad! At the salad bar, we like to help ourselves to:

  1. Dressed salads, for example, tomato salad or cucumber salad
  2. Fresh leaf lettuce or mixed lettuce

Eat onions with french fries.

What brings a really strong aroma to any dish? That’s right, the onion! Because it also goes wonderfully with fresh fries. The following variants are particularly recommended:

  1. grilled onions
  2. stewed onions
  3. saute onions

Has your mouth watered yet? Then move on to the frying pan and bring on the potato peeler!

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