What are the different types of caravan

There’s nothing better than spending time away with friends or family, relaxing by the seaside or surrounded by countryside. With your own holiday home or caravan, you can easily enjoy all the freedom and flexibility of the perfect getaway.

But, before you consider buying your very own caravan, you should know the different options available, so you can find the right one for you. With different shapes, sizes and styles, let’s take a look at the top three types of caravans, to help you decide which one will best meet your needs.

1. Static caravan There’s no surprise that these types of caravans are stationary, as you’d guess from the name. When you purchase a static caravan, it will remain at the holiday park, so it’s important to choose the right destination for you — whether that’s a coastal or country location! Or if you want the best of both worlds, you can purchase several static caravans across different holiday parks.

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Nowadays, these types of caravans are fitted with all the luxuries and comforts you’d expect from modern living, such as an open-plan design, double glazing and central heating. Each one will have its own unique charm, so it’s worth arranging a visit to see the caravan for yourself.

There are plenty of modern and affordable static caravans for sale across the UK, from a variety of holiday park operators. Prices can vary depending on the size and location of the holiday home.

If you’re environmentally conscious, then you could look at purchasing a static caravan from a sustainable company, like Away Resorts for example, who are planting a tree with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests, for every holiday home sold. Depending on your budget and requirements, a static caravan may well be the dream holiday home for you.


2. Touring caravan You’ve probably seen these types of caravans out and about, being towed along by a car. A popular choice, as they offer great flexibility, and you can travel to various destinations whenever you like.

When buying a new touring caravan, you’ll find them slightly cheaper than a static caravan, and can vary in width, length and weight. If you’re considering a second-hand touring caravan, then you’ll also have to factor in its age and condition.

However, a touring caravan does have a downside, as they’re usually limited on space, with a compact design to make it easier to tow. But if you’re looking for the freedom that comes with this type of caravan, and don’t mind being on the snug side, then you should certainly consider buying a touring caravan.

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3. Motorhome If a static caravan doesn’t tickle your fancy, and you’re not blown over by the idea of towing a touring caravan, then a motorhome may be the best option for you. Sometimes known as a motor-caravan, these special types of caravans include both the cab for driving, and living space. It’s the perfect combination of vehicle and caravan, and means you don’t have to worry about towing, or setting up when you arrive at the caravan site.

Although they tend to have longevity when it comes to value, motorhomes do tend to be more initially expensive than touring or static caravans. And as you’d expect, they also are quite limited on space — less than that of your touring caravan. On average, you’ll find motorhomes measuring between 6 and 9 metres in length. But if it’s ease and practicality you’re after, then look no further than a motorhome for all your holiday needs!

Everyone has their own needs and requirements when it comes to their dream holiday, and your perfect holiday destination may be vastly different to anyone else’s. But with so many options and types of caravan available to purchase, you’re sure to find one that suits you best.

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