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Wedding cake: highlights

  • Wedding figures are usually placed on top of tiered cakes. It sounds impressive, but it’s not for everyone. Also, tier cakes are quite expensive if you don’t make them yourself.
  • If you prefer a simpler cake, it will look a bit small if you stand the figures upright in the middle.
  • Simply place appropriate sized wedding figurines on the edge of the cake. Not only does this look beautiful, but it also stands out from classic wedding cakes.

Noble variant – Lasts even after marriage

  • If the cake is very large and has multiple layers, crown the artwork with style.
  • Do not use usual wedding figures, but a real sculpture, for example, ceramics. It is important that it is not too heavy and too large.
  • The advantage: the sculpture can find a permanent place in your home. You keep an unforgettable memory of your wedding cake.

Practical wedding cake: Makes fun easy

  • As beautiful as multi-tiered cakes are, they are also inconvenient, especially when cutting them.
  • Make it easier on yourself by using a cake stand, but only placing the cake on the bottom tier.
  • Place the wedding figurines higher up, which in this case can be a bit taller and could use even more decoration.
  • By the way, this variant is not only convenient when cutting. It remains attractive even after being heavily consumed. After all, the characters stand out from the cake and thus remain intact.

Different marriage: the frog marries the duck

  • A wedding is a solemn event. This does not mean that the celebration has to be traditional. On the contrary: if you keep the cake less classic, you still don’t have to do without wedding figurines.
  • Let the frog prince transform from duck to prince charming and vice versa to princess.
  • This is how you start your marriage with a sense of humor, certainly not a bad omen for a happy future.

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