We loved this hotel. The localization is isolated and hushed which was cover girl, but being high astir in the hills, the views, specially during storms were amazing. We had a car and anything we needed was equitable short-change and easy tug. The staff in the cable car park were actually friendly and helpful and waiting for the streetcar to the board never took hanker. we stayed in a waterfall villa and it was gorgeous, it was dainty and roomy and we loved the split level life. The consortium was boastful adequate to bon about and swim in without being excessively bad. My one and only gripe with the room is that the air-condition runs off of a formative tag on the key. This intend arrive at the room it was stuffy and hot ( after a long drive from the north of the island ), and besides if you were out for a short fourth dimension ( i for breakfast ) and wanted to leave it running, this was n’t possible. I understand this may be an energy saving outline but I would have thought it would be more efficient to to keep the room cool quite than letting it heat up ( which it does very quickly as three walls are methamphetamine ) and then run the atmosphere con at wide blast to cool it down again. I would expect this at a budget hotel but at a luxury boutique hotel, I found this annoying, and the entirely reason I had have had to take a asterisk off. The wireless local area network was patchy however the staff were excellent and gave us a dongle to use until it was restored. One dawn we had a chew the fat from a beautiful flying snake. We had to ask for it to be removed as it started to size me up, and again they were very flying and efficient at doing this. The food was very beneficial from what we had. Breakfast each morning was delicious, actually thoroughly choice and fresh snack bar items and then eggs cooked but the egg chef. We were never left want. We have the in board candle unhorse meal and everything about it was perfect. It was one of the best meals of our 2 workweek bide. The staff very set it up to make it look dainty. If you have a vehicle, it is well worth visiting the coffee shop located vertically above the haunt, it has some of the best views on the island and their french pledge is out of this universe ! reception staff were actually pleasant and helpful excessively, arranging the candlelit dinner and arranging a former arrest out for us. We would decidedly stay here again, the tranquillity and set were just amazing, the publicize con could have been better in the heat of summer.