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Even vegans are hesitant to say no to a refreshing vanilla ice cream or a piece of cream cake: they don’t have to, because with a little basic knowledge these delicacies can also be enjoyed without animal ingredients.

Cake, ice cream & co. : vegan sweets

Classic sweets like milk chocolate, fruit gummies, milk ice cream, cottage cheese and yogurt desserts, and cheesecake are a real treat and a real treat. However, those who follow a vegan diet ignore them, since they contain all foods of animal origin. These are not always recognizable at first glance, such as dairy products in cream dishes or gelatin in marshmallows. There is milk sugar in chocolate, although unlike milk chocolate, licorice candies are coated in beeswax. And soft drinks are often far from vegan drinks because they contain dyes derived from lice. You are on the safe side if you cook vegan meals yourself or bake them yourself. If you don’t have time, it’s good to know which ingredients you should pay special attention to in the finished products. In addition to our Vegan Lemon Tart, our Vegan Chocolate Muffins are also a quick bake option, for which you only have to work for 20 minutes.

Mono and Diglycerides: Hidden Non-Vegan Ingredients

Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids are often found in sweet cakes. Substances produced during a chemical process often serve as emulsifiers and are usually obtained from vegetable raw materials, but not always. When in doubt, stay away from these products and make your own vegan cakes, snacks, and cookies, like Vegan Cinnamon Stars. Healthy sweets are also more likely to be produced in the kitchen at home, since you can adjust the amount of sugar yourself and substitute fructose-free alternatives, such as rice syrup, if necessary. By the way, honey is not vegan and therefore not a suitable sweetener for vegan sweets.

Vegan desserts, vegan chocolate, pralines and truffles

Truffles and bonbons can be made well with dried dates. They can be made into a porridge containing other ingredients, such as ground almonds and baking cocoa. There is a wide variety of vegan chocolate: It contains plant-based milk substitutes. With soy or oatmeal cream you can also prepare good vegan desserts, such as a plate of cream or ice cream. Banana or apple pulp and coconut milk are other ingredients that can be used to create delicious vegan treats. Lovers of fruit jellies and liquorice use products with vegetable gelling agents such as agar-agar.

By the way, the same applies to vegan sweets as it does to classic pralines, bars and desserts: they should only be consumed in moderation. Because the vegan diet is neither more nor less suitable for losing weight than a diet with products of animal origin. This also applies to vegan sweets.

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