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Vegan life is considered healthy and fashionable. However, with some foods and beverages, it’s not so easy to tell if they were made without animal ingredients. Are cola, juice, beer and wine vegan? Read the responses.

How to find vegan drinks

Shopping vegan is relatively easy when it comes to ingredients for dishes without animal products. The situation is different with vegan drinks. Because the use of animal products in the manufacturing process is not indicated on the bottles and packaging. Anyone who consistently follows a vegan lifestyle should also keep a close eye on what ends up in the glass when they drink. Especially since sufficient fluid intake is also the basis of the vegan food pyramid. The water and tea are not critical and are always free of animal products. The situation is different with fruit juices and lemonade. If you do not squeeze fresh yourself, but buy ready-made products, then you should take into account that the gelatin was used for straining. The juices are clarified here from cloudy and suspended matter. Lactose (milk sugar) can also be present in beverages as a flavoring component. You’re on the safe side with specially designated vegan juices and sodas.

Alcoholic beverages without ingredients of animal origin

Alcohol is generally only consumed in moderation on a vegan diet, but if you want to treat yourself to an occasional drink, you should also select beer and wine. Beer brewed according to the German Purity Law is vegan, imported products may contain animal products. Because here you can use gelatin to clarify or honey to flavor. With Radler and other beer-based cocktails, lemonade doesn’t have to be vegan. Auxiliaries of animal origin can also be used in winemaking, especially red wine. Ask the winemaker or buy vegan red wine right away. Vodka, gin, whiskey, and other distilled spirits are almost always vegan spirits. The situation is different with spirits and cocktails. In the case of eggnog, cream and mead (honey wine) products the matter is clear, in the case of colored bitters the color may have been produced using ingredients of animal origin. You can be absolutely safe by mixing the drinks yourself. Our vegan eggnog instructions provide a suitable recipe.

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