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Single root cakes, ice creams and desserts that also appear in a radiant purple? Exists ! The mystery ingredient in these delicacies is called Ube. Try the trendy food.

Magnificent Asian Yam Root: Ube

Without any food coloring, the cake glows a deep purple, the ice cream scoop glows an inviting purple, and the cream cheese sauce is the absolute eye-catcher at the party – Ube has you covered. The type of yam, native to Asia and now grown primarily in the Philippines, is the star of the food blog scene. Although it is not a fruit, but a root vegetable, Ube has a flavor similar to Jerusalem artichoke and hazelnut, so it is recommended for delicacies and desserts. With Ube, for example, you can bake cakes that enhance the coffee table simply because of their colour. You can use it to make cool fillings for decorating cakes or colorful fillings for macarons, for example. Ube also enhances creamy desserts and ice creams both visually and aromatically.

Cooking with Ube: attractive succulents

Ube can also be used for savory dishes. You can prepare the root like sweet potatoes or yucca and serve as a side dish. You are sure to wow your loved ones and guests with bratwurst violet puree! Or you can use Ube to color homemade bread and rolls, butter, dipping sauces, spreads, and herb quark. There are no limits to your creativity. To use the root as a dye, simply peel, boil, and puree the ube. You can also cook the yams for about 45 minutes at 200 degrees, peel them and then chop them. How about purple ube instead of orange sweet potato fries with the burger?

Ube’s inner values

Outwardly, the root is great, but what about the nutrients? Ube also scores points in this regard. Yams provide almost 90% carbohydrates but virtually no fat, contain potassium and copper, as well as fiber. Therefore, you can use Ube more often as an ingredient in your tuber recipes and desserts, and not just because of its appearance. By the way, Ube can be bought fresh in Asian stores. Ube powder is also suitable for coloring food.

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