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In this video, Chris demonstrates a few different types of check valves used in residential water applications. The Strength of a Check Valve Link: Shop Check Valves: Subscribe and “Ring the Bell”: Have a question or need help selecting equipment? Chat with us live on our website: Call our experts: 855.329.4519 Email: Customer.Service@RCWorst.com ———————- — — ———————————————— — – —- ———— Our Social Networks Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: ——————– — – —- ——————————————- — —— —- ———– We are a distributor of pumps, compact pumping systems, on-site wastewater treatment equipment, on-site wastewater treatment and custom electrical control panels for water and wastewater applications, water well supply, drilling supplies and water treatment equipment.

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Types of Check Valves for Water Well Applications

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Types of Check Valves for Water Well Applications.

seawall check valve.

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17 thoughts on “Types of Check Valves for Water Well Applications | Cover the knowledge about seawall check valve the most complete”

  1. can you install a check valve after sand point, from there install pipe? This is configuration of old point, was working fine for 30 years

  2. I have an above ground jet pump and I think I have either a leak in the line or a bad check valve or foot valve. How far down the well is the check valve typically?

  3. Sir, which is better to use in jetmatic manual pump, swing check valve or the spring check valve? 40 ft deep..thank you , looking forward from hearing you sir

  4. I had a 1/2 hp submersible replaced with a 3/4 hp about a year ago. Since that time we have been getting a strange clunk. Plumber came thinking it was a check valve but changed out that part, pressure tank, switch and guage. $500 later still have clunk pump cuts out at 70. I got it down to 65 but still the clunk. I asked on a forum about it and I was told there is a check valve in the pump and having a second one inline by the pressure tank could cause the clunk and cause a problem. What is your opinion? It has a 30-50 switch adjusted up for 40-60 which if I replace with a 40-60 switch might get the upper pressure down to proper place but the clunk is the main thing.

  5. Have a good day sir i would like to ask which check valve usually use for marine/salt water., thank you

  6. I was looking for a check valve for my well. I found a stainless steel valve 1-1/4 (same as the pump pipe). The description says screwed pressure: 1000 PSI. Is there a pressure range I need to know? Can this work with a 1 HP pump in a 50m well?

  7. Hi, I have a deep well jet pump 1/2 horse.
    Should the check valve be installed on the upper nozzle or the lower one?
    The pipes coming from the well extend about two feet long outside the basement wall before getting into the pump. How far from the pump should the valve be installed?

  8. Can you explain how many check valves are needed?
    For deep well, one at the bottom near the pump. But also one at the top?

  9. Because of this YouTube channel and the kindness of Worst answering some stupid questions, I personally, without any experience pulled my old pump that was 220 feet down and replaced the pump, wire, pipe, control box, pressure tank, breaker and installed a pitless adapter in the well casing in the home I bought. The original system was put in wrong, cheap and cheesy, now I have some piece of mind. You guys saved me a bunch of money I didn’t have, thanks a million.


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