architecture and design can quickly look out of date. end of. If a hotel has been around for 10 years or so, tied with the odd renovation you can often tell it ’ s an veteran. One hopes the spirit will become classical, but indeed frequently it doesn ’ thymine .
On the other hand, Twinpalms recourse in Phuket, looks modern, stylish, however dateless, besides, despite being 13 years old. As a Virgo ( a sign known for its fastidiousness ), I love to research a hotel before I arrive, but Twinpalms ’ web site and photograph good didn ’ t do the hotel judge. It ’ s the influence of applaud architect Martin Palleros, whose ferment is all the more impressive IRL .
We arrived under a barrage of rain interspersed with thunder. Heads ducked down, Mr Smith and I ran into the august open-plan lobby, where we ’ rhenium greeted with a tuberose bracelet and two glasses of champagne. so far, so good .
I constantly say it ’ s the humble things that make a good hotel exceeding, but in this case Twinpalms favours a distinguished scale. During check-in you choose a room aroma ( all made using natural substantive oils ) ; pick your favorite flowers ( all white, ranging from orchids to jasmine blossoms ) ; and plump for your preferable pillows ( in truth matter to, with even a buckwheat choice for the real eco-warrior guests ).

We were promptly assigned our own butler, Xor, who ferried us to our suite, then gave us his mobile number so we could WhatsApp him with any requests, 24/7. now, when I said suite, I actually mean a populate that Mr Smith and I could happily live in, full time. The duplex suites all have beautiful private pools – some with waterfalls ; large animation areas ; dining rooms ; twin showers ; and a kitchen stocked with all sorts of goodies – not to mention a firm menstruate of drinks : juices ; body of water ; coffee ; tea ; spirits ; champagne…
The suite was besides armed with a mega sound system ; so, while this stay was region of our honeymoon, we very much wished we could invite 40-odd friends over for a good party. In high gear season, I suspect this hotel has quite a bouncy ‘ scene ’. But, I digress ; up a deluxe, slate stairway, our room had a balcony overlooking the pool. Upstairs we found the huge bedroom, where a lavish ensuite had an egg-shaped stone bath tub, so far another shower and double sinks ( the confidential to a happy marriage ) .
Twinpalms has a fantastic modern, minimalist expression, without feeling excessively ‘ cold ’ ; the manner paroxysm well and there was an overall feel of luxury and sedate. We were torn between exploring the surrounding sphere or fair staying in and rolling gleefully about in the cortege. Twinpalms other lures include its sister establishments : the two beach clubs, Catch and HQ, which were enticing enough to magic us out from our room. Catch, by Bang Tao beach, happens to be one of the island ’ s most sophisticate hang-out spots ; Mr Smith is a tempered Ibiza fan and it won his blessing, which is saying something. It ’ randomness relax adequate to lounge around in during the day, so far very gets going in the even, when it ’ mho filled with a stylish Thai and expat herd and excellent DJs take to the decks.

The food is another plus point, with international dishes like burrata, pizza and roasted chicken, aboard some real show-stoppers like a phonograph record of king crab, unharmed grilled fish and steak. By jet-setter standards it may seem a tint unadventurous, but the menu succeeds in being understated, livening things up with some well-executed quirks .
The hotel besides has a slick beachfront restaurant, Palm, which is the dining blemish to be seen in. The blueprint – white marble, glass, reflecting pools – was eyecatching, and the food was excellent. A shuttle bus left from the anteroom each hour to ferry guests.

After an excessive even, we came back to a elephantine bunch of roses, a bottle of champagne and a bathroom tub scattered with rose petals ; yes, staff did know this was our honeymoon, but even if this hadn ’ triiodothyronine been the case, I got the feeling that Xor would calm have found some manner to make our evening special .
Twinpalms is surprisingly reasonable for the deluxe experience it offers, and if – like Mr Smith – you enjoy high-end party on your vacation, it ’ second perfective. With enough to keep you occupied, it ’ s the best of all worlds in one .