Top 3 Viewpoints In Downtown Salt Lake City

Video Top 3 Viewpoints In Downtown Salt Lake City

Lots of people come to Temple Square to look around, but have you ever come to Temple Square to look down? If you haven’t accessed some of the high points located in and around Temple Square, it’s time to make your way back for a visit that will be (literally and figuratively) very uplifting. Temple Square has 3 of the best viewpoints in downtown Salt Lake City.

01) Church Office Building Observation Deck

The iconic Church Office Building, finished in 1972, has an observation deck on the 28th floor open to the public on weekdays. It’s an imposing building and set back from the main thoroughfares of the Temple Square. Most people don’t know that you can make your way upstairs to take in some breathtaking views of downtown Salt Lake City.

From the observation deck, you’ll have an expansive view of Temple Square icons and far beyond, as you set your sights on the now-sprawling Salt Lake Valley, the Great Salt Lake, and the Wasatch Range and the Oquirrh Mountains. It may make your head spin, but you should also look straight down, just for fun.

02) Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Widely known as an events venue and for its restaurants and cafe, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building also boasts beautiful views. Make your way to the 10th floor, and find yourself actually looking down at the spires of the historic Salt Lake Temple. Perspective matters, and if looking up at the temple is awe-inspiring, then looking down is truly dizzying.

No reservation required to take in the vista, but you’ll definitely be tempted to stay and eat. The Garden Restaurant ups the view ante with its retractable roof, and the upscale Roof Restaurant is situated so that every diner has a five star (re)view.

03) The LDS Conference Center

For a rooftop experience unlike any other, make your way to the top of the most recent major addition to Temple Square: the LDS Conference Center. The grey granite walls of this 1.4 million square foot building are topped by the expansive tiered Temple Square Gardens.

When you’ve made your way to the top of the LDS Conference Center, you’ll feel like you’re out in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. The landscaped roof offers views of City Creek and a slightly wilder extension of the world-renowned landscaping of Temple Square. If there were ever a place to enjoy a Salt Lak City sunset, this is it. On your way back down, participate in one the Conference Center’s free tours, where you’ll see an impressive art collection, a 7,667-pipe Schoenstein organ and an auditorium large enough to hold two Boeing 747 planes.

Best Views Of Downtown Salt Lake City

Whatever angle you take, your visit to the lookout points of Temple Square will thrill you and give both you and your photography a chance to rise above the ordinary. Enjoy the view and please share your photos of downtown Salt Lake City with KSL NewsRadio on Twitter and Instagram!

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