Been to this adorable repair 3 times ( 2 times in winter and once in summer ) in final 2 years. Stayed with 9 years previous son and wife, 6/7 days each time. hotel is clean, hygienic and taking all precautions keeping Covid in mind. Rooms are adequate size, compared to the other hotels in Japan. good Kids cabaret – my son loved it very much. In winter, kids can learn/do ski and snowboard. In summer, kids can play tennis, archery, flying trapeze etc. With child going to the kids club everyday, both myself and wife had solid day to ourselves : ) full job Kids club staff ! hotel besides has daily family ( e.g. sushi making ) and individual indoor/outdoor activities e.g. cook, trekking. Food is fresh and delectable. Buffet style and has lots of diverseness. Menu changes slenderly every day, couple of special dishes every day. Bar has decent selection of alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages. Yakiniku restaurent has effective selections of meat/seafood. evening shows are jaw-dropping. Hard to believe that all participants in the show, are actually hotel staff. amazing performance ( and hard work ) by everyone ! Hotel besides hosts some sort of ‘ fun-fair ’ or ‘ festival ’ in the even, it has image of activities for guests to participate in. Circus performance and Taiko picture ( by locals ) are not to miss. Hotel provides free ski/snowboarding lessons. We took a few snowboard lessons, teachers are great. Slopes are retentive and wide, though novice slopes are bit narrow-minded and bland. All guests get a personal locker for keeping all the gears – no necessitate to return lease stuff casual. In summer, we enjoyed tennis ( lessons ), yoga, flying trapeze, archery, mountain bicycle and seaworthiness classes. trapeze was an unforgettable have for me. There is a big indoor swimming pool “ Mina-Mina beach ” few steps away from the hotel. Pool has artificial wave, kids simply love it. It besides has onsen and shower. All staff is identical friendly and helpful. sadly ( and apologies ) I don ’ thymine remember all the names but everyone made our stay comfortable and memorable – Brendon, Karim, James, Dina, Adi, Hitomi, Ruiari, Asim, Adam, Naoki, Carol, Kaji sensei, Sugar, Nicolej, Ayako, Eishi. Brendon was a great foreman of greenwich village. Clayton is doing an excellent caper keeping the same momentum. I have been Club Med Kabira but this position plainly rocks when comes down to the overall services/facilities/hospitality/friendliness. Overall a dear place to have a stress detached, relaxing and enjoyable holidays. We will be going back there for sure ! ! There are few things which I believe hotel can do better. 1. good wireless local area network bespeak thru out the hotel, not barely in dramaturgy or restaurant. Our room scantily had a unmarried bar. I reported this to the reception but not sure if any action was drive. 2. Suggest not to combine different levels of snowboarding lessons into one. It does not work well and bit consume of prison term for everyone. besides may be good idea to pay attention to the participants, and then decide about japanese or english public speaking sensei. 3. Extra tennis court in high seasons or when there are many guests. besides put some time terminus ad quem ( 45 mins or an hour ) on using tennis motor hotel – no promote booking ! On several occasions, we could not play tennis at all because both of the courts were amply used by like people for hours. 4. Would be estimable to have badminton and squash facilities