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Like what others have said. This is a victimize web site. Think for yourself why there are thus many negative reviews and why are all the incontrovertible reviews made by accounts that looks like bots/paid reviews. If I had googled Toluna Review before I started my report with them, I would never do it.

If you want to waste your clock time then go ahead. But before you do, let me tell you what will happen, so you can decide if you want to continue or not.

There are normally less than 3 surveys daily but let ‘s say there are 10 surveys available in entire.

For 2/10 of the surveys, when you click into them, it will say that your profile do not match at all. That is besides the event after you filled up all their profile questionnaires.

For the remaining 8, half of them when you clicked into it contains tease or waiter errors which either prevent you from starting, prevent you from proceeding once started, or prevent you from completing the sketch at the end or center through.

now, as you happily finish up the remaining 4 surveys, for 3 of them, justly before you complete it, you will be kicked out suddenly with a prompt that says the survey has filled up, preventing you from earning any points, after you had spend hours on it.

“ Fine, but at least I am still credited for the last surveil ” would be what you are thinking. WRONG. Yes, you will be credited but for 3/10 of these completed and credited surveys, the points will be retracted for no reason resulting in no award points. YES, they will hush do that after WEEKS of you completing the survey, so meaning all your points are never safe and can be completely empty tomorrow.

Okay, then for the remaining 7 surveys that you are credited for and not ( yet ) retracted by them, let ‘s say you last accumulated enough points for redemption. right after you happily redeemed the token, the substantial ordeal begins here.

They will refuse the payout and quietly suspense your account without any warn, and you will never know it unless you email their customer back. This is another set of nightmare that I wo n’t go into details about. But you can check the reviews by others.

They will then extort more information from you under the pretense of confirmation and proceed to sell it online to earn for even more profit.

This is ultimately when you realise why is there an inflow of spams email after you joined their site and that you have been scammed.

good problem Toluna. You earn from your users doing the survey, refuse their payout, and then proceed to sell their data.

I have filed a patrol report and yes, although these actions are not illegal, they are decidedly unethical. At the very least it will ensure Toluna are under the vigil of the regulative constitution.

besides to the CS that ‘s gon na lick up this review of mine : Fu ck you🖕, get a better job and leave this scam company. Stop acting like a pet dog and answer to every revue with the standard official answer.

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