It takes 120 minutes from Tokyo ! Let ‘s go to the Hitachi Seaside Park and viewing blooming 32,000 of flowers ! It takes 120 minutes from Tokyo ! Let ‘s go to the Hitachi Seaside Park and viewing blooming 32,000 of flowers ! Hitachi Seaside Park is located at Ibaraki Prefecture with covering an area of 190 hectares. It is a celebrated attraction for viewing the booming flowers around the class. This is the moment time we visit the ballpark and want to introduce you more contingent for Spring natural beauty .
After entering the park by East entrance and 15-minute base on balls you will see our aim of this visit. The hill with flowers and Summer cypress.
We were n’t golden due to the “ typhoon ”, but the massive horizon was still attractive and beautiful.

The buckwheat flower is white, beautiful and simple without strong smell.
The buckwheat flower is flannel, beautiful and simple without strong spirit .
Before reach to Summer cypress field you will see a field full of belittled white flowers, they are the flower of buckwheat. The buckwheat bloom is white, beautiful and simple without hard smell .
Cosmoses field
Cosmoses discipline
After walk for awhile you will see Cosmoses field. Sunday is the perfective timing to see Cosmoses with friends and families. There were besides many foreign visitors. Theplace I was standing was perfect location to take few fantastic photos .
Summer cypress field
Summer cypress discipline
Following the nerve pathway will lead you to Summer cypress field. Although the upwind was n’t arrant for flower watch, but the mound was wax of crimson Summer cypress which was absolutely gorgeous and amazing .
Summer cypress field
Summer cypress playing field
Summer cypress is “ Kokia ” in japanese. It said that people produce the traditional japanese sweep by dry up the strem in the past, as it has quite unvoiced hand feel comparison with other strem from a implant. normally Summer cypress turns the coloring material from green to crimson in Autumn .
Summer cypress field and dog
Summer cypress field and dog
The Summer cypress discipline normally full of visitors during the season. We took a fritter when a white and adorable dog was taking a separate on top of the pit. It looked steady and used to the legal action when its owner was taking photograph of it.

Summer cypress field
Summer cypress field
Summer cypress besides has been called “ land caviar ” due to its texture is like to caviar. The seeds are used a food trim called “ Tonnburi ( とんぶり ) ”. “ Tonnburi ( とんぶり ) ” normally re-produce into other products and are edible. Summer cypress is not been produced to brooms only, people besides eat it which is very utilitarian in the daily biography .
Cosmoses in colour yellow and orange
Cosmoses in color scandalmongering and orange
There are not Summer cypress only during the temper, vitamin a well as Common reed in height 2 ~ 3 meters, besides Cosmoses in discolor jaundiced and orange .
Giant pumpkins and dog
giant star pumpkins and chase
There are besides many elephantine pumpkins in the field. Look ! How adorable small cad ! ! ! It is a pet-friendly park, which visitors are allowing to bring their pets into the sphere .
It takes 80 minutes Express discipline of JR Jōban Line to Katsuta Station and ride a bus to “ Hitachi Seaside Park ” about 20 minutes .
Although the parking lot is not at Tokyo, but it decidedly a recommended park for chew the fat ! In addition, the Kochia circus is starting from late September to mid October so it ‘s the perfect time to visit .
furthermore, there are 4.5 million nemophilas ( baby blue eyes ) stunning under the blue sky during deep April to early May which is the most celebrated and best commend place to visit during the period .
blue flower carpet
blue flower carpet

Basic information on Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture
It takes 80 minutes Express train of JR Jōban Line to Katsuta Station. Walk out of East entrance and ride on Ibaraki Kotsu bus no.2 and get off at “Hitachi Seaside Park”

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