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It is said that the seriousness of life begins with enrollment in school. Fortunately, there is the school cone: toys, stationery for the lesson and, of course, sweets make it easy for children to start. With our suggestions, parents fill the candy bag with healthy treats.

Gift for CP students: the school cone

Eating calms the nerves: students know it before the exam, stressed office workers and – with the first day of school – also ABC shooters. The school bag must be taken at the beginning of the first day at school. In addition to school supplies, the content consists of all kinds of delicacies that take away the emotion of the little ones. If you want your kids to get excited about healthy eating right from the start, don’t fill the school cone with the first chocolate bar that arrives. What is needed is a healthy and balanced mix that provides beginners with everything they need to learn. Nuts and dried fruits not only provide energy, but also contain valuable nutrients, unlike high-sugar candies. Feel free to pack hearty snacks for the first day of school. Our nutrition expert will tell you which dishes are suitable as a snack for children.

Tips for a Balanced Mix in the School Cone

You should not completely do without “snacks”. Because when the other kids are happily unboxing chocolate, fruit gums and candy, your little one doesn’t have to sit around sulking. The solution: prepare the treats yourself! With homemade granola bars, chocolates, and cakes, you control the sugar content and can sweeten treats with natural alternatives. With dried fruit, coconut flakes, applesauce, honey, and bananas, you can create really good snacks. An example is our energy balls. You can prepare the dough for popular pastries such as muffins and waffles with sweet vegetables or fruits and “cheer” the children with some vitamins. Sugar-free carrot muffins or banana waffles taste better and, with a little garnish, look better than any store-bought snack.

Prepare the food in a decorative way so that the children’s eyes are even more radiant.

Speaking of disguise: optics play an important role, especially for children. Shaped fruits or an ingenious cake decoration make the little ones shine. Pack the sweets that you yourself have prepared with love and also season the school cone on the outside. Using colored paper, fabric, crepe and gift ribbons, each blank school cone can be beautifully and above all individually designed. Or you can make a durable and natural decoration for the school cone using natural materials. In addition to educational material, a lunch box with your favorite characters and a matching water bottle are suitable as non-edible gifts for boys and girls. You can get inspiration for the content of our lunchtime recipes. A special gift for the school cone, but not only for ABC shooters – make a dream catcher for your child! And if you want to sweeten your college boy’s entrance into school life, bake our super school enrollment cake for the big day.

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