The HORRIFIC Execution Of Edith Stein – The Saint of Auschwitz | Overview of the most complete camp crucis development content

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During World War II, the Nazis used concentration camps to carry out the evil of the Holocaust. It was in these horrific camps that so many innocent people died, and Auschwitz was the largest killing center. Inside the camp, gas chambers were used and, within minutes of reaching Auschwitz, dozens of people were killed. One of those who suffered was Edith Stein, who after World War II became a saint within the Catholic Church. Edith Stein was born into a Jewish family, but she converted to Catholicism while studying a book that changed her life. She then joined a monastery and continued her work as a philosopher and was considered an intellectual elite, but when the Nazis took control she was forced out of her job and eventually arrested before being taken to Auschwitz . Shortly after arriving at the camp, Edith failed the screening process to enter the camp to work and was sent straight to the gas chambers. Along with hundreds of other innocent people, she was murdered minutes after arriving at Auschwitz. After World War II, he later became a Santa Claus and is celebrated for that today. So join us today to discuss “The Horrible Execution of Edith Stein – The Saint of Auschwitz”. Thank you for watching! Support the channel by subscribing, liking and sharing. Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: Disclaimer: All opinions and comments listed below in the Comments section do not represent the opinion of TheUntoldPast. All reviews, comments and dialogue must historically discuss the previous video. TheUntoldPast does not accept racism, slur, slurs, sexism, or any negative discussion directed at any individual. TheUntoldPast has the right to remove any comments containing such content and also to kick the user from the channel.

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The HORRIFIC Execution Of Edith Stein - The Saint of Auschwitz
The HORRIFIC Execution Of Edith Stein – The Saint of Auschwitz

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The HORRIFIC Execution Of Edith Stein – The Saint of Auschwitz.

camp crucis development.

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  1. Actual footage of Jewish women and children being marched to be murdered in gas chambers. This could easily happen again!

  2. Funny how these racist regimes with fascist ideologies called other people savage, but they were/are the real savages. Many of those kids were likely terrified, being separated from their parents. Pure evil.

  3. Watching this i feel deeply for Edith but those poor little children 😢😢😢, HOW could anyone be so vile id rather die than know id helped to murder all those little ones

  4. Training herself to survive the conditions in a concentration in preparation for being sent to one, I think that's rather clever.

  5. Ann Frank's Family also fled to the Netherlands, Holland to escape persecution of the Nazis. I knew a 94 year old Dutch women who's father was a tulip broker. The Jews were all fleeing Holland, and he went home and packed up his family of 9 children, and they joined his clients on the last ship out of Holland to Canada. She was about 7 at the time. She said her father said, "I didn't raise my sons to fight for Hitler." They made it to Canada safely and later bought a farm. They had a wonderful life, but she said after the War, they received letters from relatives from Holland. Some of these relatives hid Jews from the occupiers. All almost starved during the long winter and ate tulip bulbs. Her memory was crystal clear, even down to the stained glass windows in her Church.

  6. The white laws of Canada do it slowly and economically. They still steal indigenous children in the name of child and family/social services. Canada/federal government pays provincial governments to steal indigenous children by white laws of Canada. The slave elected chief and councils on indian reservations are permitted to lease their individual slave lots of land on indian reservations to racist white developers fro white racist clients to rent on reservations while there is not enough housing for tribe members. This is final era dictions while sell out indigenous move in racist spouses to homes on indian reservations. The white lawed natives are more vile than Nazi’s in the past. It’s their own relatives that destroy. Their not full native children would not be considered native by indigenous law unless, they potlatch payback all they ever took times three plus. The only true indigenous sovereign left are the land defenders, and Canada arrests them.

  7. The prize for the gasser murdering a saint?
    Same fate for the gasser, but eternal gassing in the fires of hell.

  8. Can OP, or somebody, please identify the accent/country/region of the English being spoken? Asking for my ESL classes…

  9. My family used to live on Edith-Stein-Strasse in Bavaria. I never knew who she was until now. Thank you.

  10. Goebel formed the SS using the Jesuit order as a template . The Pope of those days had ties to Nasi hierarchy . Check out Walter Veith's Total Onslaught series , in particular , " Revolutions , Tyrants and Wars " . Also check out Walter Veith and Martin Smith in the series called " what's up professor " which deals with present truth . Check out Walter Veith's " Beamable Sustainable Princess video……all at Amazing Discoveries on YouTube ! Maranatha !

  11. Some humans brings you closer to god , she and maximilian kolbe are such persons who are gods magnets! By their extraordinary life

  12. I'm not sure why she thought the pope/catholic church would intercede on her behalf as a European Jewish, when that same catholic church in Spain has been murdering jews for centuries. They were burned at the stake on a daily account by the inquisition of The Catholic Church of 🇪🇸 and branded "Christ Killers". Many were forcefully converted to catholicism?????


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