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The Gulag Archipelago Abridged Part 6 Chapter 02 – Peasant Plague I apologize for the Russian names and places, probably often mispronounced. Further apologies for the sometimes mispronounced English words… From this chapter: “But about the silent and treacherous plague which starved fifteen million of our peasants, choosing its victims with care and destroying the backbone and pillar of the Russian people, about this Plague there are no books”. “Every miller was automatically a candidate for dekulakization, and what were the millers and blacksmiths if not the best technicians in the Russian village?” “If a man had a brick house in a row of log cabins, or two stories in a row of one-story houses, there was your kulak: get ready, bastard, you have sixty minutes! not supposed if there are brick houses in the Russian village, there are not supposed to be two-storey houses! Let’s go back to the cave! You don’t need a chimney for your fire! is our grand plan to transform the country: history has never “I’ve never seen anything like it. But we have not yet touched on the most intimate secret. Sometimes the better-off stayed where they were, provided they quickly joined the kolkhoz, while the poor stubborn peasant who did not show up was deported. This is very important.” …, the most important. The purpose of all this was not to dekulakize, but to force the peasants to enter the kolkhoz. Without frightening them to death, there was no way to take back the land the Revolution had given them, and plant them on that same land as servants.” “The journey itself, the peasant Via Crucis, is something that our socialist realists do not describe at all. Pick them up, take them away, and that’s the end of the story. Episode finished. Three asterisks, please.” “That was the heart of the plan: the seed of the peasant was to perish with the adults. Since Herod was gone, only the Doctrine of the Vanguard has taught us to completely destroy, even babies themselves. Hitler was only a disciple, but he had all the luck: his extermination camps made him famous, while no one is interested in ours.” “That’s how they lived in this plague winter. They couldn’t wash. Their bodies were covered with festering sores. Spotty fever has developed. People were dying. Strict orders were given to the people of the Archangel not to help the resettled (as deported peasants were now called)! Dying peasants roamed the city, but no one could take a single one home, feed him or bring him tea: the militiamen captured those who tried to do so and their passports were confiscated. . A starving man staggered down the street, tripped, fell and died. But even the dead could not be picked up (in addition to the militia, plainclothes agents were looking for acts of kindness). Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Translated by Thomas P. Whitney and Harry Willetts Compendium of Edward E. Ericson

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The Gulag Archipelago ABRIDGED – Part 6 Chapter 02 – The Peasant Plague

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The Gulag Archipelago ABRIDGED – Part 6 Chapter 02 – The Peasant Plague.

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