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Most hot springs are of volcanic origin. However, Arkansas contains over 40 hot springs, despite the lack of volcanic activity. These hot springs produce water at a very hot temperature of 143 degrees Fahrenheit. So why exactly do these unusual hot springs exist? This video will discuss this geological oddity and how it formed. This video is protected by “fair use”. If you see an image or video of yourself in this video and would like it censored or removed, please email me and I will make the necessary changes. If you would like to support this channel, please consider becoming a patron of Another way to support this channel is to order through our gemstone and geology related etsy shop at Thumbnail Photo Credit: Steevven1, CC BY SA 4.0-I Google Earth Images used in this video: ©Google

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The Geologic Oddity in Arkansas; Hot Springs National Park
The Geologic Oddity in Arkansas; Hot Springs National Park

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The Geologic Oddity in Arkansas; Hot Springs National Park.

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  1. Is that one in-thermal one front page? Other spring possiblity of eruption.

    Thermal? (In air temperature under ground spring)???

  2. Not too far from here, in northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri, the biggest earthquake in USA history occurred. It rang church bells in NYC and forever changed the route of the Mississippi River. Hot Springs is long overdue for an earthquake. The city knows it and when they built a new Regions Bank, they added earthquake dampers

  3. Lives in Hot Springs, AR for 20 years (I’m 25 lol) love it here, and I love when tourists want to come check it out, they never leave disappointed

  4. i went to Hot Springs NP in June 2021, neat place.
    I'm traveling to all the NPs in USA.
    Currently halfway done (32/63) after 5 years.

  5. I live in Hot Springs and I've always thought we're basically living ontop of a volcano…. Literally everyone around here thinks the same too lol…. The More You Know

  6. Would be awesone to see you do a video on the vokcanic remenants/oddities of Virginia, of all places. We have at keast 2 extinct volcanos, several hot/warm springs- used to have more but many have sense cooled. The oddity part comes from the favt thay scientist still cant explain how the volcanos formerd, since the fault believed to have formed them fused several milkion years prior tk the last known volcanic acticity which i bekieve was only about 30, 000 years ago. There are also areas of the Appalachians in Virginia that show relatively recent (in geological terms) massive uplift, creating many waterfalls in the process- however the Appalachians formed so long ago there shouldn't have been any known mechanism to cause this uplift. This happened in northwestern Virginia which is also the location of atleast 1 of the now extinct volcanos (which is just a magma plug as rhe rest has weathered away) aswell as severalof the still active hot springs. Between all of that, the sulfer springs, and the high levels of elements and minerals usually associatrd with volcanic activiry founs in the state… Its alwayd fascinated me that we are not a state with any known source that explains all of that. Im not sure if theres enough content on the subject to warrant a video, but ive learned so much from your videos it would be awesome to see something about an area closer to where i live! Lol

    Regardless though thanks for what you do. Always look forward to your content so keep up the amazing work!

  7. There is a fourth unusual phenomenon in this region: The New Madrid Fault, which was the site of the worst earthquake in Contiguous United States History; an earthquake, estimated at Magnitude 8, hit the area in 1811, followed by a 7.4 Aftershock. The region also experienced a respectable 5.4 Magnitude Earthquake, in 1962, in Southeast Illinois, near the confluence of the Wabash River, with the Ohio. This was also in an area considered to be part of the New Madrid Fault System.

  8. You can do something like that, right now; check out geothermal source heating, and air conditioning (hint: works like a refrigerator, in reverse).

  9. I just recently heard that pretty much all mountain ranges (including the ozark mountains) are dormant volcanoes. 😳
    The whole New Madrid Fault area is volcanic down deep.


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