The Call of Colorado, 1960s | All the most complete information colorado springs gloryhole

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A television travelogue about the state of Colorado in the 1960s. To purchase a clean DVD of this film for home or educational use, contact us at To license images from this film for commercial use, visit:

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The Call of Colorado, 1960s

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The Call of Colorado, 1960s.

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39 thoughts on “The Call of Colorado, 1960s | All the most complete information colorado springs gloryhole”

  1. I lived in Colorado from 1998 through 2010. Loved it. But I always wished I could have known it in an earlier time such as shown in this film. Unfortunately I think it’s going downhill. Central City and Cripple Creek have been ruined by turning them into casino towns. I knew people who used to go up to gamble and they didn’t care anything about the mountains or the history. All they cared about were the casinos. And I don’t like the way the culture is going in Colorado.

  2. Being a Coloradan I can’t believe this is what my home Denver looked like lots of years before I was born.

  3. Modern society tells us if we look back on these times fondly, that we are bad people. Very odd times.

  4. I was going to comment on how Joan Van Ark looked like she’d be a very enthusiastic and great backdoor beauty… and then I Googled her name. 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. The narrator is wrong about Central City. It was a silver town. John Brown discovered silver there. He married the infamous Molly Brown and had a horrid affair with Baby Doe, a prostitute. Clear Creek runs directly under the Central City Opera House. America The Beautiful was written atop Pikes Peak.

  6. Buffalo bill and his wife must be spinning in their Graves after watching colorado become so liberal and shitty.

  7. I'm only 22. I wish this was the Colorado that existed today. Denver today is congested, crowded, full of homeless, expensive, dirty, and stripped of all natural beauty. It takes forever to get out of city and up into the mountains, and places like Grand Lake have been nearly destroyed by crowding and beetles eating the forest and trees away.
    I feel robbed of a better Colorado.

  8. America really did used to be great before cultural marxists turned it to the shit we see today

  9. If your from out of state, the best place to visit is the Garden of the Gods or the Mesa Verde National Park. Both places feel like they are not of this world. Spectacular!

  10. Wow. There were only two outdated parts of this.
    1) Elitch Gardens moved locations and is not really a garden anymore.
    2) The railroad that runs through the royal gorge is now a tourist attraction, and the low suspension bridge I think is gone.
    Besides that, everything is almost exactly the same as it was back then.


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