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Scientists, travelers and natives converge on a sacred river in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. A short documentary partially funded by the National Geographic Young Explorers Grant Program. |

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The Boiling River (Teaser)
The Boiling River (Teaser)

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The Boiling River (Teaser).

boiling river.

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  1. esperemos que los gobernantes y politicos peruanos protejan esa zona o sino el pueblo les daremos su merecido , ya nos conocen asi que mucho cuidado!!!

  2. tienen que cuidar el río evitar que gente que busca oro y petroleo ingrese a esa zona.

  3. I attended a presentation by Andres Ruzo, National Geographic Explorer, today at Mount Saint Mary's College in Los Angeles, California. I think this story is going to be big. I want to thank Andres for sharing his time with us today and wish him all the best.


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