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I have never seen anything like it. #BoilingRiver, if you fall in you could die. It’s in the Amazon. Wikipedia: Mayantuyacu is a healing retreat in the province of Puerto Inca, Peru. Located near Pucallpa, the Mayantuyacu sanctuary covers 180 hectares of Amazon rainforest. In the Asháninka language, Mayantuyacu means “water and air”. According to local guides, “Mayantu” refers to the spirit of the jungle, and “Yacu” refers to the spirit of water. The retreat was created by Juan Flores Salazar, a traditional Ashaninka (vegetarian) healer. He was born into a family of traditional healers; He says he founded Mayantuyacu to practice herbal medicine and pass on traditional knowledge to future generations. His healing techniques involve the use of tobacco, bark, natural fragrances and ayahuasca. Mayantuyacu has many natural hot springs. The area also has the hot Shanay-Timpishka stream, which was described as “The Boiling River” by geoscientist Andrés Ruzo in a book of the same name.

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The Boiling River | Shanay-Timpishka | Mayantuyacu | Peru
The Boiling River | Shanay-Timpishka | Mayantuyacu | Peru

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The Boiling River | Shanay-Timpishka | Mayantuyacu | Peru.

boiling river.

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