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Pickleball is enjoying a boom in popularity and now carries the “The fastest growing sport in the United Statesfor second consecutive Year. If you’ve seen people on tennis courts doing what normally looks like tennis, but not quite, you’ve probably witnessed the pickleball craze. Fortunately, if you’re a camper interested in trying out the sport, there are plenty of campgrounds with pickle ball courts!

We asked them to make a list of campsites that can not be missed recovery pickleball select your favorite campsites on Campspot. Read the full list below to see what to visit next!

But first, a bit of history for those curious about Pickleball.

Pickleball History

Given the recent explosion in popularity, you might think that pickleball is a new invention. In fact, Pickleball is over half a century old. Created in 1965The game of pickleball was developed near Seattle on Bainbridge Island, Washington by Congressman Joel Pritchard, businessman Bill Bell, and their friend Barney McCallum.

Bell and Pritchard originally decided to play badminton, but they didn’t have the right equipment. They used ping pong bats and a perforated plastic ball and played at the height of the badminton net (5 feet). Realizing that the ball bounces quite well on the badminton court, they lowered the height to one meter and the game continued. The following weekend, McCallum joined them and the three of them created the Pickleball rules.

But why did they do it?

Well, like many great inventions, they were boring. They needed something to keep the kids busy and creative. They wanted to create a game that the whole family could easily pick up and play together, regardless of skill level, a big part of why Pickleball is so popular to this day.

In the mid-1970s, an official company was formed around Pickleball and the first world pickleball tournament 30 years later, the US Pickleball Association, the sport’s official governing body, was formed. The rest is history.

how to play pickleball

Pickleball is not fundamentally different from tennis or badminton, but there are some fundamental differences. The game is played in a Badminton court (20’x44′) and is served diagonally across the field of play. Unlike tennis, only the service team can score.

You have to Bounce the ball once before returning it, and on each side of the net there is a two meter “no fly zone”. The server continues to run until an error occurs. The game is played at eleven o’clock, with the obligation to win by a margin of two points (or more), similar to ping pong.

There are specific serving and volleying nuances in pickleball, as well as some unique strategy elements. You can visit Pickleball Official Site for more details if interested.

Are you already convinced?

You may not have planned your trips to the best pickleball camps yet, but if there’s already a camp there, why not give it a try?

The best campsites with pickleball courts

1. Bear Lake Venture Park – Garden City, UT

An aerial view of the water and mountains surrounding Bear Lake Venture Park, a campground with pickleball courts.

Have fun camping by the water spending hours outdoors and exercising. Choose from pickleball, basketball, and horseshoes, as well as a variety of non-sports equipment and activities.

For a slower pace, hike the nearby Limber Pine Nature Trail or spend an afternoon among the animals at Farmer Blake’s Zoo (on site). With drop and drop sites, you can tow your gear or set up camp at one of the simpler tent sites.

The nearest airport: Salt Lake City International Airport, Idaho Falls Regional Airport

Nearby attractions: Bear Lake State Park, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Canyon Entry Park

Unique comfort: playground

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2. Camp Fimfo, Texas Hill Country – New Braunfels, TX

An image of the Camp Fimfo Visitor Center, one of many campgrounds with pickleball courts available at Campspot.

If there’s one place in the country that seems to have a pickleball court, it’s Camp Fimfo. It may just be my imagination, but the name really seems to fit pickleball heaven.

Even if your trip isn’t sporty, you’ll love this award-winning campsite. Third place for Camp Fimfo The best campsites for families and second Premium camping theme. You will hardly find a better place for this family sport than this family campsite.

If you want to relax, there is a swim-up bar, an open-air theater, or you can hang out by the Guadalupe River. If you don’t go there in your camper, you’ll love one of the cabins available for rent.

The nearest airport: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, San Antonio International Airport

Nearby attractions: Texas Hill Country Heritage Museum, Wimberley Zipline Adventures, Natural Bridge Caverns

Unique comfort: mini golf

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3. Sunshine Rockies Outdoors – Granby, CO

An aerial view of the views of the mountains surrounding the Rocky Mountains in the sun outdoors.

As for campsites with pickleball courts, this may be the best spot on this list in terms of overall experience. You obviously have the required pickleball court. Of all the Pickleball campgrounds, this is probably the best combination of Pickleball availability and beautiful scenery. With the Rocky Mountains in sight, all of your outdoor activities will be awe-inspiring (literally and figuratively at nearly 8,000 feet).

This location is the second place for Campspot The best campsites with views and fourth to The best campsites for beginners. If you’re interested in camping or getting started, but your family isn’t on board, this location is an easy sell with great views and a full suite of resort-level amenities, including a game room and central community.

The nearest airport: Northern Colorado Regional Airport, Denver International Airport

Nearby attractions: Moffat Railroad Museum, Rocky Mountain National Park, Windy Gap Wildlife Viewing Area

Unique comfort: outdoor theater

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4. Leaf Verde RV Resort – Buckeye, AZ

Pickleball and paddle courts at the Leaf Verde RV Resort.

Fun fact: Pickleball became truly unique after being featured at the 2001 Arizona Senior Olympics. While Pickleball is especially popular in places like Arizona or Florida that have a lot of retirees, a trip to Leaf Verde can be fun! for campers of all ages!

Step out of your RV to enjoy a picturesque sunrise over the desert before heading out for a day of activities. With many structured amenities like a recreation room, social room, and swimming pool, you will never be short of activities. After a pickleball game, there’s still plenty for the family to do, like golf, horseshoes, or shuffleboard.

The nearest airport: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

Nearby attractions: Estrella Star Tower, Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari Park, Skyline Regional Park

Unique comfort: porch

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5. East Tampa RV Resort – Dover, Florida

Trees and afternoon sun surround the pickleball courts at the Tampa East RV Resort.

In Florida, you might think that all camps are pickleball camps. Not yet! But probably soon, at the rate of its popularity. With close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and manicured grounds, relaxation here is more than a mission, it’s a state of mind. You’re close to Tampa and all the excitement of the big city, but far enough away to lose track of time at Pickleball Court.

Would you like to go in search of white sand beaches? In less than an hour you can be with your feet in the sand of the gulf and digest all the greatest hits of Jimmy Buffet. If you don’t want to drive to the water, swim in the hotel pool or hot tub after spending time making friends in the recreation rooms.

The nearest airport: Tampa International Airport, St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport

Nearby attractions: Alligator Encounters, Eureka Springs Park, Stanleyville Theater

Unique comfort: hot tub / sauna

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Campgrounds with pickleball fields are becoming increasingly popular as pickleball takes the country by storm. Grab your paddles and practice, then head to one of these five places for your next trip!

Joe Coleman is a freelance travel and outdoor writer based in East Texas. His love of nature began when he lived near Olympic National Park and has stayed with him ever since. When he takes a break from social media, he can only be reached at

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