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A motorhome can be a great investment, but it also offers a lot of material comfort along with the freedom of the road. When you first enter your RV life, you need to choose your new RV campsites carefully. Once you know more about how your rig works and what you like about camping, the sky is the limit.

We asked them to make a list of campsites that can not be missed sharing motorhome select your favorite campsites on Campspot that are perfect for new campers. Read the full list to see what to visit next.

RV Camping Tips for Beginners

Take a test (or three)

Most RV newcomers have never driven a vehicle this large before getting behind the wheel of a trailer. If you’ve driven a U-Haul or something similar, you’ve gained valuable experience, but this is a whole different world.

Just like your first driver’s license, it will be new and you will have a lot to learn. Although you can learn in a short time, it is better to try it several times before embarking on a longer journey. Find a campground or RV park 30-60 minutes away and do some testing before you head out. Make sure you know how to jump, backtrack, and set up all the basic connections.

You probably won’t have everything covered before your first big trip, but it’s got plenty of information to get you started.

Make sure you have the right equipment

Yes, you will get some of your equipment back if you find that you don’t have something you need. It happens when you take up a new hobby and it’s perfectly normal. As long as you have all the essential devices, everything will be fine. Before you leave, make sure you have the following items:

  • Hoses for drinking water and camper cleaning (make sure you have one for each)
  • leveling blocks
  • RV Sewer Pipe Drain Pipe (Not all units come with this)
  • extensions for electrical connections
  • Adapters for electrical connections
  • Basic kit of tools for the home
  • Basic kit of tools for cars.
  • First aid box
  • Sustainable kitchen utensils
  • Scotch tape
  • Reflectix insulation
  • wheel chocks

Yes, this is not an exhaustive list. Daily necessities like food and clothing aren’t mentioned, but something tells me they’re easier to remember. The thing is, over time you’ll understand all the specific things you need, but you want all the absolutely necessary things covered before you learn the hard way that you need them.

landfill plan

Okay, you don’t have to plan your entire RV vacation to find landfills, of course. However, life with a tank full of greywater is not much fun. Having sewer hookups at your campground is great, but you still need to consider waste disposal sites.

If your campground doesn’t have a disposal station, make sure you know where it is before the tank fills up. VR apps and websites often include them in a tab for convenience.

Once you know how much water you are using (on average) in relation to the size of your aquarium, planning becomes easier.

Reserve your seats in advance

Of course, if you’re an RV expert, you can easily park at the last minute (at least sometimes). However, while you’re still learning, it’s a stress you can avoid with good planning. If you’re nervous about insuring your RV, imagine the added stress of not knowing where to park it. Reserve your seats in advance and avoid a lot of headaches. Many Campspot campsites offer the option to pay for a small key to lock your location and make sure you know exactly where your stay will end.

learn all you can

Listen, at some point you just have to get up and walk away. However, there are plenty of great resources to read before you head out. Check out a beginner’s guide to what to expect when camping in an RV and brush up on RV lingo.

The 5 best campsites for motorhome beginners

1. Escape to the Arches in the open sun -Moab, Utah

An RV parked on an RV site at Sun Outdoors Arches Getaway with views of the distant mountains.

The desert southwest is often synonymous with the RV lifestyle and there’s no better place to start than Moab. Since Sun Outdoors is a national company, there’s no more guesswork and you’ll know exactly what to expect when you show up. They have full hookups and a dump with friendly staff in case you have any questions. Plus, the prospects aren’t bad either!

The nearest airport: Grand Junction Regional Airport, Provo Airport

Nearby attractions: Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park, Hole ‘N’ the Rock

Unique comfort: dog park

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two. Siskiyou Lake Camp Resort – Mount Shasta City, California

Two children sit on deckchairs by a fireplace with a motorhome parked in the background.  There is a picnic table next to the RV and there are trees in the background.

Lake Siskiyou is the 10th most popular campground in the United States according to the 2022 Campspot Awards. Due to its popularity, Lake Siskiyou is ready to meet the needs of any RV beginner!

You can park your RV in the trees and enjoy incredible views of the lake, Mount Shasta, and the Shasta Trinity National Forest. They have a dump station, full hookups, and walking pitches for added convenience, making this one of the best campgrounds for RV newcomers.

The nearest airport: Rogue Valley Medford International Airport, Sacramento International Airport

Nearby attractions: Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens, Mount Shasta City Park, Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Unique comfort: the water

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3. Great Lake Golf and Resort -Citra, Fla.

An aerial view of the Grand Lake RV and RV Golf Resort campgrounds with a body of water in the distance.

You don’t have to play golf to stay here, but it sure helps! USA Today has named this beautiful place one of the “Top Nine Resorts in the United States.” You will love its attractions and natural beauty!

This campground puts you in the heart of central Florida and close to many unique attractions when you want to venture out and see the sights. Otherwise, you have plenty of options for activities including golf, pickleball, and a clubhouse to hang out. Like the previous options on this list, Grand Lake has full hookups and a disposal station.

The nearest airport: Gainesville Regional Airport, Jacksonville International Airport

Nearby attractions: Zipline and Canyons Adventure Park, Sweetwater Wetlands Park, Florida Museum of Natural History

Unique comfort: to fish

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Four. Winding River Resort – Great Lake, Colorado

A truck and an RV are parked at an RV campground at Winding River Resort, one of the most popular campgrounds for first-time campers.

If you’re looking to take your first RV trip, Winding River Resort is for you. You’ll have plenty of privacy while still being close to Rocky Mountain National Park and some of the best views in Colorado.

Just because you’ve found solitude doesn’t mean you have to worry about the comforts of your RV. With full hookups and a disposal station, Winding River has the bases covered and every other spot on this list, so no need to worry.

The nearest airport: Denver International Airport

Nearby attractions: Rocky Mountain National Park, Forest Canyon View, Moffat Road Railroad Museum

Unique comfort: playground

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5. Carolina Pines Resort -Conway, South Carolina

RVs parked side by side at Carolina Pines RV Resort with a blue sky and clouds overhead.

While there are no bad options on this list, Carolina Pines really has it all when it comes to RV resorts. Being voted number eight in the 2022 Campspot Awards America’s Best Campgrounds category and number five in The best campsites for beginners It certainly doesn’t hurt your case either!

Perhaps the most comprehensive service package has you covered while being less than half an hour from the heart of Myrtle Beach. With fully stocked links and ample RV parking, you’ll experience your first RV ride sumptuously.

The nearest airport: Myrtle Beach International Airport, Wilmington International Airport

Nearby attractions: Alligator Adventures, WonderWorks Myrtle Beach, Hollywood Wax Museum

Unique comfort: hot tub / sauna

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Your first RV ride can be daunting but also incredibly rewarding. Want to take the guesswork out of your RV’s maiden voyage? Choose one of these five campsites for new campers and fall in love with the RV lifestyle.

Joe Coleman is a freelance travel and outdoor writer based in East Texas. His love of nature began when he lived near Olympic National Park and has stayed with him ever since. When he takes a break from social media, he can only be reached at

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