The multi-building campus is being constructed on a 6.6-acre site to the east of the Old City along Chiang Mai ’ s Super Highway ring road. The site is in close proximity to Payap University and within the modern Chiang Mai Business Park .
The fresh campus will include a three three-story Consular office build adenine well as early confirm facilities for the Consulate residential district. The Consulate General will provide a sustainable, bouncy, safe, and procure chopine for U.S. diplomacy in Thailand. The construction contract was awarded in fall 2019 and completion is anticipated in 2023 .
Throughout this project, an calculate $ 45 million will be invested in the local economy and the project will employ an estimate work force of 600 American, Thai, and third-country nationals. approximately 70 % are local workers, of which many will learn new skills that will help distinguish them from other construction workers in the local tug market .
U.S. Consulate General Chiang MaiU.S. Consulate General Chiang Mai, Consular GardensU.S. Consulate General Chiang Mai, Covered Patio and GardenCentral CirculationU.S. Consulate General Chiang Mai, Consular Waiting RoomU.S. Consulate General Chiang Mai, Main CirculationU.S. Consulate General Chiang Mai, Terrace

Design & Construction

The purpose of the new adeptness underscores the significant diplomatic relationship between the United States and Thailand and is a concrete symbol of America ’ s continue committedness to northerly Thailand for generations to come .
The new campus design is organized into two zones. The south zone is the populace side, including the Consular office building, public entrance pavilions, and Marine Security Guard Residence. The north partition is dedicated to “ Back of House ” functions, such as parking, warehouse, workshops, and the utility build.

The new consular design was inspired by the full-bodied architectural landscapes and design traditions of northern Thailand. The purpose incorporates a lavish landscape and a sala, a traditional Thai outdoor terrace that will be used for dinner dress events. The new office construction consists of four volumes separated by glaze links, reflecting traditional Lanna computer architecture with modules separated by populace spaces. The design of the alloy and glass-clad build envelope reflects the local anesthetic tradition of layer screen architecture of Chiang Mai .

Resiliency & Stewardship

The project is registered with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ( LEED® ) and targeting a Silver Certification. celebrated sustainability features include solar photovoltaic ( PV ) and water systems that support Thailand ’ s home goals of renewable energy execution and improved air quality .
early sustainable features include an automated construction controls arrangement, water-saving plumb fixtures, and construct envelope heat reduction through low heat-gain windows and the use of shading elements in the façade design. The web site design encourages indoor/outdoor activities featuring indoor gardens, green walls, and ocular connectivity to landscapes beyond. These landscapes are highly curated and equal parts garden and architecture.


The permanent art collection, curated by OBO ’ second Office of Art in Embassies, will encompass art in a diverseness of media, including painting, photography, fabric, and sculpt by both American and Thai artists. The collection will seek to create a dialogue of shared values between the people of our two countries. Highlights will include site-specific commissions that reflect an agreement of the diversity and richness of American and Thai cultural inheritance .


Chiang Mai New Consulate Campus Monograph [ 24 MB ] | สถานกงสุลใหญ่ ( Thai Translation ) [ 19 MB ]

Fact Sheet

Chiang Mai New Consulate Campus Fact Sheet [ 513 KB ]