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Jungle Fishing in Thailand – Fly & Lure Fishing Trips

Guided lure and fly-fishing in Thailand for anglers, who prefer fishing trips in the wild. Experience the real Thai jungle fishing and wildlife up close!

Thai Fishing is the only fish template serve that specializes in jungle fishing in Thailand. We lone do fishing trips to wild waters and our goal is to create a fishing vacation for you ; that will remain in your heart and memory for years to come. All our fish tours are tailored to your needs and know, along with high quality fish equipment. Our fishing trips give you the gamble of getting close to the life on pristine Lakes, rivers and streams deep inside the jungle. You can expect to find idyllic fishing waters, fantastic hazardous fish and brilliant scenery ; a excursion like this together with the incredible wildlife and beautiful natural surroundings, is just so much more than a fishing trip .

Vast Areas Of Thailand Are Jungle.

about a third of the area is covered in dense rain forest ; our fish placement are in the confederacy. here you have the opportunity to experience the best wild fresh water fish in Thailand. The rivers run crystal well-defined from the mountains through the Lake and hide some outstanding fly fish for Thai and Blue Mahseer. The lake fish has become celebrated for providing top action with come on lures for pisces species like ; Hampala Barb and Giant Snakehead and together with the fly-fishing for Mahseer and Giant Gourami, make this area a top fishing venue for fly and lure fisherman.

Fishing Thailand - Snakehead Lure Fishing 2022Giant Snakehead Fishing

The Giant Snakehead are by many Thai lure fishermen, their favorite freshwater species and it’s not without good reason; they hunt their prey with an aggression rarely found in other fish.

They are the true kill machines that mercilessly attack their victim. An ambush marauder that often lie in shallow urine, in midst vegetation or behind a log for passing prey they can pounce on. It is the Snakehead ’ s beloved of frogs that makes surface fish for them so interest. If you enjoy the exhilaration of explosive top-water strikes, you will love this pisces species.
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Fishing Thailand Mahseer Fly FishingMahseer Fishing

In the clear rivers that run deep inside the unspoiled jungle, lives the Mighty Mahseer. These are trophy rivers, where huge fish cautiously cruises in deep pools and feed most of the day

The rivers offer top quality fishing with dry flies and Nymph and some perplex sight fishing ; which is one of the most agitate and rewarding ways to catch the Mahseer. If you are a trout flee fisherman, you will decidedly like these rivers. The Mahseer besides live in the lake and this is where, you have the opportunity for the largest pisces. On our lake fish trips, you will besides have the casual to target other species.
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Fishing in Thailand - Giant Gourami Fly FishingGiant Gourami Fishing

We are extremely excited to be the first fishing guide services that can offer Guided Giant Gourami fly-fishing in Thailand.

The huge lake has a big population of good-sized Giant Gourami and provides some exciting sight fly fishing. Gouramis are very medium and spook very easily and are considered by many anglers ; as one of the most difficult fresh water species to catch on fly. You casting skills are important ; not thus much the distance, but accuracy and a quick pitch. If you enjoy the thrill of the hound, you will enjoy chasing this hard fighting fish species . Read more…

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Jungle Fly And Lure Fishing ThailandWe offer fishing and living in ‘several’ different ways.

When fishing on the Lake you will stay in our base camp on the lake. When fishing the Rivers will you have the chance to fish in several rivers in the area.

We do day trips to one of the rivers and you will have the opportunity to fish a new river on the following day. You are transported in longtail boats to the fish grounds. You can besides choose to move further up the rivers and camp overnight. Camp near the river and rest in a hammock. The early option is that you return to your bungalow at the end of the day .

Fishing in Thailand with Thai Fishing

We are proud to offer the most complete Jungle fishing packages in Thailand. That gives you the opportunity of fishing in this unique place.

Our packages include ; all fishing equipment and round trip transfer from Phuket, Krabi or Surat Thani Airport or from any hotel in Phuket and Khao Lak or Krabi town ; all meals during the trip and accommodation in our foundation camp. We provide english speaking fishing guides and will assist all anglers to the degree required. Our guide ’ s cognition of the lake and rivers makes them the best fish guides for these pristine waters .

Fishing Reports

Recent trips have produced many big and beautiful Fish

last temper offered many boastfully and beautiful pisces to many of our customers. The water floor in the lake was the lowest in a couple of years. But the huge hobo camp lake and rivers showed again this area provides the best fresh water fish in Thailand…… Continue reading…

Please see a more comprehensive list of the most detailed and complete is Dennis Point Campground MD.

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