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Thai Woman
😍 “ Bai date gin mai ” ( Let ‘s go on a date ! ) 😍

Find Thai Women by Using ThaiFriendly Search

ThaiFriendly lets you search for Thai Women in the most popular locations such as Bangkok, Pattaya, … and it ‘s easy to get started :
Searching for Thai Women
The ThaiFriendly Dating app on io

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. After signing up and uploading a good photo open the search:
  3. Specify the city/area/age of the Thai woman you want to date 😍
  4. Browse through the results and send an awesome first message!

Some nice results
Lots of effective potential matches !

💌 Messaging – The Good vs Bad

ThaiFriendly lets you send free messages every 10 minutes. If you upgrade then there is no time limit vitamin a well as other nice things 😉. You may find that the 10 moment limit is enough to start meeting some amaze women though.

“ With a dear provide of caffeine you could contact 144 fresh Thai girls per day 😆 ” – affirmative Farang.

many members send their Line ID in the first message and hope for the best. This is a low campaign moo render scheme and by and large the more beloved you put in the more you get out .
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How to Send a Good First Message

  1. Pick something interesting from their profile to show that you read it. Also personal messages stand out much more than just Hi or your contact details.
  2. Mention something seasonal. In Thailand there are lots of public holidays and festivals such as Loy Krathong or the Thai New Year. This is a good chance to show you are not some stranger on the Internet but someone real.
  3. Be polite 🙏. Thai women may not respond well to the edgy messages that may work on women back home.
  4. Use Emojis 😘. Most women on ThaiFriendly use mobile devices and emojis really pop out. Its a great way to put feeling into your text!
  5. Ask a question. You are much more likely to get a response if you are asking an interesting question. You can give yourself extra plus points by asking a question that results in a “yes” – such as “Are you single?”. An open question like “What are you looking for?” will open up a dialog. But don’t ask anything that she already answered in her profile otherwise you will look like a 🔧 lol!

What is a Line ID? 🤔

Line is a popular chat app in Thailand that about every Thai daughter uses. That said it is best to chat on Thaifriendly for a while before exchanging touch details. This ensures your line does n’t get filled with contacts you are n’t concerned in. Staying on the web site a little while besides helps us keep the site clean by filtering out any scammers 😱

What does 555 Mean? 55! 😝

If you are talking to a Thai person and they say 555 then its a good sign that they are enjoying the conversation with you :

  1. The number 5 in Thai is ห้า
  2. It is pronounced hâa
  3. Thus 555 = ha ha ha 😅

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