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Originally called “Yaga”, these hot springs were the winter quarters of the Shoshone and Paiute Indians a thousand years ago. The first contact with non-natives dates back to 1830 when a new Mexican, Antonio Armijo, wandered the area. He found 70 natives there. Armijo was looking for a route to California and his mistakes caused the Spanish track to pass nearby. Tecopa Springs remains a small, sprawling community (150 were last reported in 2010). There are many private hot springs, but I stayed at the county owned campground (but someone else operated it) which included 24/7 use of the hot springs. In this video, I show you the region, which is desert and magnificent. Subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment. Thank you for watching!

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Tecopa Hot Springs
Tecopa Hot Springs

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Tecopa Hot Springs.

tecopa hot springs.

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  1. You literally called everything by the wrong name…never showed a single hot spring, then collected rocks from a developed recreation site (illegal). Wonderful video👍🏼 this is why we can’t have nice things America. Oh and kids shouldn’t be there? Only olds I suppose?

  2. Thank you for this 'real' look at your surroundings. Rocks are awesome! Especially for the 'grands' in our lives, sharing a piece of nature is awesome! Happy travels☆


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