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Follow the progress of this Evo on Instagram I have been so busy with work that I have not been able to download as much as I would like. I hope you enjoy this video ;D Song: Smooth Cloud Rap Beat “Against The System” (prod. by VIPN) [FREE BEAT]

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Tear Drop Bumper Exit
Tear Drop Bumper Exit

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Tear Drop Bumper Exit.

teardrop hood exit.

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  1. The tear drop bumper exit is ricey asf bro add a GReddy exhaust system with some headers and bruh that would add more hp than that crappy bumper exit exhaust

  2. Cant you just pop in a few screws or rivets in the bumper for him just to hold it together again like go in through the bottom and up into the bumper its self.

  3. I think your a fantastic fabricator man I watch all your fab videos and learn stuff I make parts for my friends and for my drag starlet I truly enjoy watching them keep making them dude!. Thanks for the videos

  4. What is the purpose of the tin foil? Good videos man. What cutting/grinding tools do you recommend to start fabbing turbo parts like this?

  5. Removing the oil cooler from a turbo car is a terrible idea.. The turbo inputs so much additional heat to the oil. Let us know how long this engine lasts haha

  6. Sick !! I didn't know what a teardrop cut was and I will be getting into welding later on so it helps alot bro .. keep on the great work !!

  7. Hey Hayden, no hate here just don't want to see an Evo go down as an Evo owner myself, that oil cooler is very necessary for the 4g63 unless its only going to see short track passes with adequate cool down time and that car needs a lower timing cover in the worst way. The first time that car is driven in rain and any moisture gets on that hot timing belt it is going to stretch/deform. Love the videos and you do great work!

  8. Do more tutorials but then don't do a lot like once a week some custom fab shit and the rest can be you working on you're car can't wait for the Twin turbos on the rx7

  9. I like the videos overall, my only feedback would be get a camera which focus's better and buy some flay spray.

    Oh and a welding tip for us noobs would be nice.

    Cheers boss


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