Learn More Eyeshadow palettes can take your look to the next grade, whether you are going for the no-makeup makeup expression, full-out glam, or somewhere in between ! We have eyeshadows in every color, from natural tans & browns to bright pops of semblance. Our shadows besides come in assorted finishes from flat, shimmer, iridescent & metallic — so you can switch it up depending on your temper !
Our crusade gunpowder shadows are infused with good-for-you, skinvigorating™ ingredients like Amazonian clay & mineral pigments. Amazonian mud is nature ‘s most perfect ingredient. Our Amazonian clay travels down the Amazon river, picking up nutrients from plants & minerals until we sustainably harvest it to deliver better, longer, truthful wear of our shadows. mineral pigments soother & soften skin, creating a legato basis for your eye looks — no flat coat needed ! As constantly, our eyeshadow palettes are formulated without parabens, mineral vegetable oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten & more. Our eyeshadows are besides dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested, plus safe for reach lens wearers.

How you use your eyeshadow regularly is personal. For a rich pigment, use your finger. This is besides the perfect hack for our faineant gals & guys — equitable swipe on your color of choice ! For a swerve lave of color, use a downy brush. You can besides use other brushes to create more detailed looks. Use a flat shader eyeshadow brush to pack on shadow all over the eyelid. Use a taper shading eyeshadow brush to buff & blend trace seamlessly into your rumple, outer corners & lower lashline to add definition. ( pro tip off : Use a flat concealer brush for a crisp cut wrinkle ! ) Use a liner brush to line the upper & lower lash occupation for bigger, bolder eyes .
You can apply these methods with the color or colors of your choice. For a natural look, you ‘ll want to choose neutral hues. Use a nude eyeshadow that matches your skin tone. This color will make an excellent base for all over the lid. To add some definition, blend a slenderly dark shade into your rumple. Depending on how a lot definition you want, use a colored shade to line the lash argumentation .
Eyeshadow is so much more versatile than these basics. Dampen a liner brush with water or setting spray & dunk it into one of our Amazonian clay pigments for a liquid-like eyeliner that glides on & dries about immediately. This application creates smooth, accurate lines perfect for a cat eye. To highlight the hilltop cram, use a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone. You can besides use a tad with a sting of shimmer for lend luminosity ! To fake eight hours of rest, add a touch of neutral shimmer to the inner corner of the eye for an awaken count. Just add sass color & voila — an easy, effortless count in seconds !

not indisputable which palette is right for you ? One of our best-selling tartelette™ Amazonian cadaver palettes is a great home to start ! We recommend tartelette™ in flower, our award-winning palette featured in Allures ‘ Reader Choice Awards & more ( You ‘ve probably seen it on your TikTok FYP, besides ! ). This palette includes all the all-important everyday shades, from flushed to bronze. The 12 eyelid, wrinkle & liner shades make eyes look bigger & more open. It ‘s infused with Amazonian cadaver to prevent smudging & delivers all-day long wear. It ‘s the perfective accession to your makeup kit !
If you prefer rose tones, try our tartelette™ juicy palette. This palette is great if you ‘re ready to level up & watch your trace skills flower. If you want warm shades, try tartelette™ toasted ; this palette is like a bonfire with s’mores in a palette. For cooler tones, try tartelette™ flatness. This palette is specially big if you have buttery skin & prefer a matte polish. The best partially about all of our tartelette™ palettes is that the 12 lid, graze & liner shades are arranged in coordinate rows for three easy looks. Of course, you can besides mix & match the different shades & finishes until you find an eye spirit that suits you.

If you are new to eyeshadow or constantly on the go, try one of our mini palettes. These minor cuties are perfect for throwing in your base ! Hot tip : look out for limited-edition palette drops exclusive to tarte.com .
Skip the store & shop class on-line. One of the benefits of shopping on-line is seeing the complete list of our eyeshadow palettes & other products. You can besides view our shadows & early products on yourself with the avail of our virtual fitting tool. If you do n’t love your purchase, return it for rid ( for U.S. orders only ) ! Shopping for person else ? Give ’em a give card from one of the peak makeup brands, the gift that keeps on giving !
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