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Love it!

First let me say I have never met a Tarte shadow that I did n’t love. This pallette is no exception. The shadows are highly polish and blendable, the shades are clothing and super pigmented, the packaging is gorgeous, I could go on and on. therefore in shortstop if you are flush considering this pallette, BUY IT. You wo n’t regret it !

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Gorgeous colors, lots of fall out

so let ‘s talk about good things first. It smells actually thoroughly so that ‘s a plus. The compact was uncompromising and the colors are all beautiful and you can create a thoroughly sum of looks with it. however, it ‘s a small difficult to apply if you ‘re new to makeup because it precisely puffs everywhere like baby powder so if you ‘re the type to do your eye makeup final like me, I would suggest flipping your everyday and doing at least your eyeshadow inaugural indeed you do n’t have to worry about ruining your impertinently beat face. besides, I felt like the shadows were n’t super pigmented although that may just be a product of me having dark clamber but I had to use quite a bit of eye darkness and I would n’t recommend using it without a primer and a mise en scene spray because I feel it fades reasonably promptly. I think it ‘s okay but I would n’t recommend it. There ‘s better center shadows out there in the lapp price range.

Reviewed by 1799 customers

My favorite eyeshadow palette!

5 Allison from Milford, MI Love the neutral colors, but broad range from light to dark. Blends easily, and stays on without creasing ( with flat coat ). I only wish the basal colors ( Charmer & Flower Child ) were bigger, as I use them every day and they ‘re gone well before the rest !

buy it

5 mj from club this is the only pallet iodine use ! indeed easy to blend and stays on all day. the best neutral colors. the best pallet ever

Extremely hard to blend

2 Nikkifromsaco from Minneapolis I wear both the lighter and iniquity shades together where blend is highly authoritative. Tried every brush I own, finger old school sponge peak applicator and q-tip, no dice. I ca n’t figure our why this palette gets such estimable reviews .

I love this product! My new favorite!

5 Wendy from Green Bay, WI I bought this intersection for a dressy juncture and actually wear it for casual. All the colors are identical useful .

Absolute must have

5 Gloey from Louisiana I ‘m normally a penny pincher when it comes to buying anything but I will splurge on a good quality product and this is it ! These colors are beautiful particularly Funny Girl ! You can do casual and glam looks with these shadows so it ‘s bang-up for shape or special occasions. It can get a lil dusty but I can overlook it because this is the alone pallette I ‘ve used completely and rebought !

not for my sensitive eyes

1 pat from Mandeville, LA My eyees are excessively sensitive to ehstever ingredients are in this product .

My daughters Christmas present

5 It was actually for me ! ! ! from San Diego Bought this for my 17 year honest-to-god disgusted thinking it would be a great “ appetizer palette ” pretty certain she ‘s used it 2x and I use it about everyday. The color jazz band and layer is beautiful for our colored skin spirit ! Just love the whole pallette to be honest .

Sorry to say I would not buy this product again.

3 Bev from Boston, Ma There was no polish on about all of the shadows in this collection. The few that had shine were means besides aglitter. The shadow did seem to stay on about all day without creasing, but it was besides flat a attend for me .

Wonderful basic palette

5 Natasha from USA Love the formula of these shadows. They ‘re politic and pigmented. The colors are amazing if you ‘re into lowkey looks. Great for those who like to wear makeup but need to follow certain codes for work or school. If your have fair or unhorse clamber, this is a big neutral palette. I do n’t think medium or dark skin tones would get much use out of the shades provided here — at least that ‘s what I gather from reviews I ‘ve seen .

Pigment is everything!

5 Vickie from FL inaugural clock time using Tarte eyeshadows, and belly laugh ! ! Will never buy another post ! Blends so nicely and you absolutely do not need a short ton of product on your brush ! ! normally my eyeshadow seems to disappear by noon, this stays on all day ! ! !

iconic palette

5 Donna Glam Girl from New Jersey A buy back of a palette that works every time. No nonsense shades .

Not for me

1 MLS67 from Bloomington, IL I love the colors, but adenine soon as I applied it, my eyes became very antsy and well. It made my eyes look askance and small. I tried it with fuse, but that made it worse.

Nice colors and staying power

5 Stargirl from Mi This does not have fall out or fade away. Does not crease and is highly pigmented but is blendable. Very courteous colors .

Gorgeous colors

5 Lori from Home This palette is amazing ! Every single color is so pretty and so easy to use. They besides last the entire day !

Great for gifting

5 cakegirl from FL Was looking for a gift and this was perfective for a busy college scholar who loves make up .

Cute but fragile

2 MK from Chicago bang-up colors but the product itself does n’t last : / identical defeated bc of the price. Was trying to replace my old naked palette and wish I ‘d stuck with urban decay rather of trying tarte. Had it for less than a year and already 3 colors gone

Horrible reaction

1 kelly from Kansas Love the colors and the scent but caused my eyelids to be swollen, loss, antsy, and bite. It took me a calendar month to figure out what was causing this and a lot of money on treatment due to not knowing the induce until I discovered it was only after I had used this palette. NOT good for sensible peel. possibly all the add bouquet. Supper bummed .

my favorite palette of all time

5 lyd from Lancaster, PA iodine love this palette, one ‘ve used it for about 5 years now. the shimmer shade is the best inner corner highlight one ‘ve ever used

Great Everyday Palette

5 Jessie H. from Indianapolis. IN I wanted to try this palette indeed bad, but it is always sold out at my ulta and finally got my hand on it. I very like the colors and they are good for the day/evening. They blend very well

Perfect colors for me.

5 Cha from very well It is a bang-up combination of colors. There is not besides many shimmer colors in the palette but enough for special occasions .

I love the colors!

5 alaska from Olive branch, MS great experience ! very helpful and attentive staff

Great formula!

5 Naya1884 from Indiana Great for every day use and it blends very well .

Love it more than I expected!

5 Deb from New Jersey I love the colors and the texture

Not in love with the formula

2 Kristingro from WI Wanted to love this for everyday consumption. The casual impersonal colors with the jazz band of flat and shine drew me to this palette. It ‘s my foremost Tarte palette and deplorably my last. The recipe just does n’t work well with my aged eyes. It settles in every furrow. I besides found it to be dry and patchy and for something that looks thus effortless, I spend more time trying to make the look work than any other pallette I ‘ve used. I can achieve the same looks with a ABH palette for only $ 5 more with less feat, better bribe, and no settle.

This is the only eye shadow combo I will ever buy!

5 MommaMully2 from CA Perfect color pallette