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Taipei Main Station ( chinese : 台北車站 ; pinyin : Táiběi chēzhàn ) is a railroad track and metro station in Taipei, Taiwan. [ 13 ] It is served by Taiwan High Speed Rail, the Taiwan Railways Administration, and the Taipei Metro. It is besides connected through underground passageways to the terminal post of Taoyuan Airport MRT and the Taipei Bus Station. In 2017, it was the busiest station on all three rail systems, with a full of 190 million entries and exits .

Station overview [edit ]

The central construction of Taipei Main Station is a rectangular build in Zhongzheng District with six stories above land and four stories below ground. The construction is 149 megabyte ( 489 foot ) long and 110 thousand ( 360 foot ) wide. The first gear floor has a large ticketing hall with a skylight and three ground-level exits in each cardinal steering, the second is occupied by restaurants managed by the Breeze group, and all floors above are office spaces. At the B1 level, there are turnstiles for the TRA and THSR platforms, along with a ten thousand of clandestine passageways for Taipei Bus Station, the Taoyuan Metro station, and Beimen metro post. Zhongshan Metro Mall, Taipei City Mall, Station Front Metro Mall, and Qsquare all connect on this degree angstrom well. TRA and THSR each have two island platforms at the B2 level. As for Taipei Metro, the Bannan line ‘s platforms are located at the south of the station build ; the entrances are at the B2 tied, and the platforms are at B3. The Tamsui-Xinyi line ‘s capture is directly under the place building at B3, and the platforms are at B4. [ 14 ] [ 15 ] [ 16 ]

station layout [edit ]

HSR services [edit ]

HSR services 1xx, ( 1 ) 2xx, ( 1 ) 3xx, ( 1 ) 5xx [ a ], ( 1 ) 6xx, and ( 8 ) 8xx call at this place .

Around the station [edit ]

Taipei Main Station of the Taoyuan Airport MRT is connected to Taipei station via underground passageways Taipei City Mall

(K)K Underground Mall [edit ]

  • Exit M1/Y2: TRA/THSR(Entrance North 1)
  • Exit M2:Civic Blvd Expressway
  • Exit M3:Cosmos Hotel Taipei/ Talk Club Taiwan(美立達留學遊學中心)
  • Exit M4:TRA/THSR(Entrance South 1)
  • Exit M5:Station Front Plaza
  • Exit M6:Caesar Park Hotel Taipei, National Taiwan Museum
  • Exit M7:Zhongshan N. Rd.
  • Exit M8:Gongyuan Rd, YMCA Taipei

(M)Zhongshan Metro Mall [edit ]

(Y)Taipei City Mall [edit ]

  • Palais de Chine Hotel Taipei
  • Taipei Station Wholesale Market
  • The seal of Department of Rapid Transit Systems, Taipei City Government 20140108.svg Beimen( G13)
  • Taipei main station( A1), Taoyuan International Airport MRT

(Z)Station Front Metro Mall [edit ]

history [edit ]

Taipei place in 1914 The old Taipei station in 1948. The first rail station in Taipei was completed in Twatutia in 1891, during Qing dominion, when the railway to Keelung was opened for service. [ 17 ] Initially, a irregular station was built while a permanent place was constructed in 1897, during japanese rule ( 1895–1945 ). In 1901, the station was located to the east of its current location. It was rebuilt in 1940 to accommodate growing passenger traffic. To alleviate traffic congestion caused by railroad crossings in downtown Taipei, an underground railroad track tunnel between Huashan and Wanhua was built along with the give station construction as contribution of the Taipei Railway Underground Project. [ 19 ] When the metro system was completed on 2 September 1989, railway service was moved to the newly completed build ( completed on 5 September 1989 ) and the old build a well as a impermanent station were demolished. The current station was further expanded with the opening of the Taipei Metro. The metro station is connected to the basement of the railway station and opened to passenger traffic in 1997 to the Tamsui–Xinyi tune. across-the-board underground malls now exist at the front and back of the station, [ 20 ] which emulate those found in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. The station besides became a terminus for Taiwan High Speed Rail trains when the network began servicing in 2007 .

Ongoing developments [edit ]

Taipei post and the area surrounding it have been undergoing renovation since 2005. japanese architect Fumihiko Maki was chosen to design two skyscrapers that will surround the railroad place. [ 21 ] Maki will besides oversee the renovation of Taipei station. The stature of the tall column will be 76 stories, whereas the shorter column will be 56 stories. [ 22 ] The two skyscrapers will be constructed on empty parcels found adjacent to Taipei station, above the Taoyuan Airport MRT station. The station interior undergo renovation shape from February to October 2011. [ 23 ] Basement restrooms were renovated, the basement and first floor preparations for extra Breeze Plaza retail quad began, the large tag office in the first floor lobby was removed, and extra retail space was allocated. [ 23 ] In addition, the shock on the inaugural floor was wholly replaced, fire and evacuation regulations were improved, and solar panels will be installed on the station roof. [ 23 ]

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