The Top 5 Places for Fishing in and around Bangkok

The Top 5 Places for Fishing in and around Bangkok

Posted by Mark Philip
The divers however chaotic Thai capital of Bangkok international relations and security network ’ t inevitably the beginning place most people would associate with fish. true, the Thai capital city is way more celebrated for temples, night-life, food, and even its heavily-congested traffic .
however, over the last ten or therefore Thailand ( including Bangkok ) has obviously become more and more long-familiar as a exceed fishing finish. And rightly so, as we shall indeed see .
Of run if you do happen to land in the heavily-populated Thai das kapital with a point of fishing on your mind, you might first consider the unlikelihood of finding a properly pond, let alone a lake, in the city center denounce regions .
You may find yourself inauspicious enough to encounter few fetid canals running behind or near some of these highly built-up areas — but you ’ ll want to head a little more towards the outskirts of town, within a few miles of the metropolitan boundaries, where there are in fact numerous lakes, reservoirs, and ponds which are likely to facilitate some bang-up fishing and angling experiences .
That ’ s not to say precisely that there aren ’ metric ton any ponds ‘ in ’ the city – as it turns out there are quite a few – but most of the ones we could find were local-type affairs, with little by way of either English or even a web site .
So we ’ ve included here some of the fish spots that will probable prove to be more successful ( in terms of capture – due to the high stocking levels ) and preferably more enjoyable excessively, whether it ’ s just for a unmarried day or possibly a little longer .
The warm and humid, tropical Thai climate is ideal for a wide variety of fish species from around the earth, and as such facilitates all year round fishing .
Bringing your gat and undertake to Bangkok ( or good hiring it when you get here – the more coherent choice ) — is probably to provide more than its share of exhilarating moments for anglers of any tied from around the world, adenine long as you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mind a little bit of extra travel .
As Thailand is located deep in the SE Asian tropics, it comes as no surprise that here you may encounter some of the earth ’ south largest fish. Some of these monsters include the Giant Mekong Catfish, the Giant Siamese Carp, Arapaima, and Giant Freshwater Stingray, to name but a few .
well oklahoma then, let ’ s at least name a few more of the fish species likely to be encountered in these waters for the benefit of any season fishermen reading this : Barramundi, Chaopraya Catfish, Giant Snakehead, Hampala Barb ( Jungle Perch ) …and not to overlook the fact that most of the fishing ponds and lakes in Thailand have besides managed to do rather a dear caper of introducing versatile other species from around the earth which would include Alligator Gar, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Rohu, Pacu, and quite a few others .
Anyone bring in the city of Bangkok will obviously realise that it has much more to offer a well as fishing, and it ’ s improbable that people are coming here entirely for fishing ( why would they ? ) .
In which case the absolute best bet for most bud fishermen or anglers in Bangkok is to enlist the services of a local anesthetic guide and fishing adept. A quick search will reveal the fact that there are surprisingly more of them offering their services than you might at foremost have imagined .
These guides will more than likely take you to one, or possibly more, of the destinations in this post, and will provide exile to the fish ponds, which tend to be slightly go around out towards the city ’ south outskirts and frequently take more than an hour to reach from the central regions of the city .
many local operators offer amply customized wide sidereal day and multi-day fishing trips, at reasonable rates which include equipment rent, bait, fishing license ( varying according to the fish being caught ), transportation, and sometimes food and drink .
With a wide array of fish parks, ponds, and reservoirs in and around the city, it ’ s likely that anyone heading for Bangkok with a point of top fishing in take care won ’ triiodothyronine be disappointed. Whether your preference is fly fishing or bait fish, Bangkok and its surrounding vicinities can provide you with nothing short of an exhilarating angle experience .
thus – here goes with 5 of the top places for fish in and around Bangkok .

1. Amazon BKK Lake

In this post today we have included a pair of lakes and a pair of ponds, and BKK Lake obviously falls into the erstwhile category. Despite the name, this park is actually not precisely within the confines of the city, rather being in the bound province of Nakhon Pathom .
Amazon BKK is a man-made, aim built lake, although it is teeming with greenery and early wildlife such as white buffalo or deer, which could well make you forget that you are good over an hour or then away from the bondage of the city .
needle to say, there are likely to be more than a few regular monsters lurking in the depths of this touch, not least of all in the shape of the Arapaima pisces. apparently the odds of landing one hera are relatively high gear, although if that ’ s not possible you may well be compensated by way of either a Redtail Catfish, a Peacock Bass, a Chaophraya Catfish, or an Alligator Gar, to name but a few of the early possible catches .

Location: 73/1, 5 Thung Kwang, Kampaeng Saen District, Nakhon Pathom 73140
Hours: 7am-6 pm
Contact: Facebook (Amazon BKK Fishing Park Bangkok)

2. Bungsamran Fishing Park

Bungsamran could well be considered an angler ’ south dream vacation spot. Imagine a lake that ’ south chockablock of many unlike species of pisces, in an area spanning near on 30 acres, and with water more than 30 metres in depth .
With diverse species of crippled pisces, both herbivorous and carnivorous, this is a regular fisherman ’ sulfur eden, largely considered one of the best in the region among both locals and visitors. And the pisces here are apparently big adequate to break rods .
here you may be lucky enough to encounter a Mekong Catfish or two, some of which weigh in at over 100 kg, with reports of periodic catches of beasts twice that weight .
The downside of this ( and reasonably much all the other park ) is the anti-foreigner, dual-pricing policy where you can expect to pay anything from duplicate to 10 times more than a local .
If you are o with that and arrive without any of your own gear, then you are looking at around 3000 baht for a day ’ s worth of fishing .
You can rent your own air-condition bungalow here if you wish, along with a guide who will arrange the tease and equipment. In fact, all you need concern yourself with here is setting the hook and landing the pisces.

There is besides a basic restaurant on site, along with a public toilet store and an internet café, which all makes this park ideal for vacation fishing if that is your thing, or just for spending a day away from the city in slightly more natural surroundings .

web site : hypertext transfer protocol : //
Address : Unnamed Road, Sala Daeng, Bang Nam Priao District, Chachoengsao 24000
Hours : Open 24 hours

3. Pilot 111 Fishing Pool

The facilities at Pilot are of a slightly better standard than some of the more ‘ budget ’ fishing parks in Bangkok, if there is such a matter, which basically have a pond and some equipment/bait for hire .
Every pond here has its own ‘ sala ’ ( a character of cabin or hut ) in case it gets a little to sunny. There is a restaurant with menus in English & Thai, and beer is besides available. even the toilet facilities at Pilot are closer to westerly standards .
It is besides possible to rent air-cool rooms here which can accommodate 4 people, for approximately 2000 baht if you fancy spending the night after hauling in all those monsters .
The fish facilities at Pilot 111 offer ponds for Barramundi, Giant shellflower, Pacu, Chao Phraya wolffish, asian Redtail Catfish, and Nile tilapia .
There are besides a few Amazon Redtail Catfish, Spotted Featherbacks, Shovelnose Catfish, Mekong Catfish and Burmese Carp, but this latter breed are obviously very rarely get .
Each pond here has a unlike aim species, and there is besides batch of setting for fly fish which can lead to catches of Snakehead, Barramundi and Featherback fish. apparently there is a good luck of landing any of these species plus many more, as the ponds are pretty well-stocked .
As Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds has become one of the most long-familiar, and with its slightly lower costs, it does tend to attract the ‘ good ’ local anesthetic anglers and fisherman, which might tend to put off some membership beginners .

Address: 111 moo1, Bangna-Trad km.39 Bangsamak, Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao, 24130
Tel: 086 316 8773
Hours: 6 am-6 pm


4. Palm Tree Lagoon

Palm Tree Lagoon is another fishing lake not strictly in Bangkok, but quite an hour or so out towards the slightly more rural Ratchaburi .
This is a relatively small lake by comparison to some of the others at around 3 acres, but it is stocked with many ‘ monster ’ fish species that fishing visitors to the tropics are frequently so enthralled by .
The lake is apparently stocked with more than 100 species of fish, both predatory and non- predaceous breeds alike, with most of the long-familiar ‘ local anesthetic ’ varieties being stocked alongside others from the Amazon and a few early regions .
As with most of the larger lakes in this position, guides are available at Palm Tree to give advice and by and large offer a helping hand in terms of bait, equipment, land, and photographing the catches .
The main huge breeds of marauder pisces at this lake in terms of the Amazon breeds include Arapaima, Firewood Catfish, Pacu, and Tambaqui. The Thai predators include the huge Chao Phraya Catfish, the Thai Redtail Catfish, Freshwater Stingray, Featherback and Snakehead pisces, to name a few of them. You besides might find a few Alligator Gar, Black Gar, Giant Siamese Carp, and Barramundi. Whew !
There is a accredited, on-sight restaurant overlooking the lake which is open between 8:00 am and 10:00 promethium serving both Thai and international food .

Address: Chedi Hak, Mueang Ratchaburi District, Ratchaburi 70000 Chedi Hak, Mueang Ratchaburi District, Ratchaburi 70000
Hours : 8 am – 8 pm

5. Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park

again, this lake could barely be considered as being in Bangkok, and in fact is the furthest out in this sport today, basically being in the Cha-am district of Phetchaburi .
however, precisely a pair of hours away from the Thai capital, this slightly amaze localization could in no way escape being included in this mail .
Set among huge tropical landscaping that does indeed have more than a sniff of the Jurassic about it — thus you might expect a few very monsters lurking in the depths here .
The fall back is wholly surrounded by mountain and lake views, and encompasses 4-star facilities, so jurassic ’ s idyllic recourse is ideal for anyone who fancies a touch of actual fishing with slightly more of a vacation feel to it while in Thailand .
The haunt is home to epicurean one and two-roomed private villas and suites. Swimming pools and Jacuzzis besides abound, along with seating areas with fantastic views of the natural landscape. To top all that the fall back is host to a top choice restaurant and bar which serves both Thai and International dishes alongside an array of beers and fine wines .
The lake in the repair is known a Jurassic Fishing Park, and first opened a decade ago as a result of a collaboration between two Thai fishing guide operations. The idea was to offer a fishing recourse with high standards of management and service .
Jurassic has gone on to become an essential stop-off for anyone using the words fishing and Thailand in the same sentence .
Expect to find the usual suspects and more in terms of fish species like the versatile breeds of colossus catfish such as the Amazon Redtail and the Chaophraya diverseness, Arapaima, Alligator Gar, Pacu, and a few colossus cavil .

Address : 43/6 Moo Baan Kokesehti, Na Yang, Cha-am District, Phetchaburi 76120

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