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Survey Stakes and Markers
Survey Stakes and Markers

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Survey Stakes and Markers.

mud 146 land map.

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  1. if you would hire a union trained gradechecker he could handle everything in grading getting ready for concrete..

  2. 0.72 ft is not 9 Inches – 9 Inches would be 0.75'

    divide your Inches by 12 to get decimal ft

    0.25ft =3"
    0.5ft = 6"
    0.75ft = 9"

  3. Wow, is this man well spoken. You don't find a guy like that every day in the field. And knowledgeable. Really appreciated this video. Very helpful. Thank you.

  4. I stumbled across this video. Great video. I am looking forward to following the next videos. I subscribed.

  5. Really the only ppl that has to deal with this bs is hevy machinery guys , concrete, asfalt, and masons.

  6. Where can I find a good professional to do my grading plan, but without this professional leaving me without money to eat, without me having to take my kidneys etc? I'm poor u know 🙆🏼‍♀️

  7. Although I've come across quite a bunch of you good folks throughout my life, I've never set foot in the US. Still so, the American way of doing most anything has always sounded like the most sensible way of doing things to me. How you guys got stuck with the Imperial measuring system, however, is beyond me.

  8. Ok, I’ve been enjoying your channel for some time now and I’ve got to wonder about
    your reasoning on the suspenders?

    I know if I’m looking for the “first sergeant” on a job site and I see the guy with the suspenders, chances are I’ve found him.

    Appreciate your channel.

    Yours and “See Jane Drill” are my favorites.

  9. You really should try the metric system
    1/16" = 1.5875mm
    So 1mm = 3/64ths
    That's plenty small enough for construction
    Who needs 72eights in their life ?

    65 feet + 7 inches + 25/64ths
    20,000 milli metres =
    2,000 centi metres =
    20 Meters =
    0.02 kilo metre

  10. Anyone else think it would be funny to go move the stakes around after the surveyors go home, watched the whole video and no it wouldn't be that funny

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  12. I had a survey done and my markers at back of yard says 10’ to corner. There’s a creek 10’ further out so does that mean my property is 10’ further out than the markers?

  13. Same with planting trees and bushes it's good to be able to walk around them and still be on your property

  14. Civil engineer responding. I represented a major development company who had a property trespassed by construction adjacent to them in Houston. It was a 1' trespass but affected a required 10' setback across a 300' lot line. So, it basically affected 3,300 square feet of building area. The settlement was approximately $250,000 per square foot. Make sure you build within your building area. I know this was not a residential area. But, when you affect the building rights of an adjacent property, you have bought that land without any negotiating power.

  15. In most states, that corner on the fence cross beam is illegal, at the very least, no conforming to local statutes defined by minimum technical standards of monumentation. It should have been off set along the property line.


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