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For some it is the end of food culture, for others it is just a new twist. It is indisputable that street food has become firmly entrenched in the modern diet. Discover the street food subculture with us!

Easy to find: street food

Almost a real meal, but almost: so say the critics of fast food. Street food can be an answer to nutrient-poor fast food dishes like fries, pizza, or currywurst. Pleasure and health value are often not opposed here. Phad Thai Asian wok is not only delicious but also contributes to a balanced diet with ingredients such as vegetables and tofu. In general, Asian street food from China and other countries is impressive in this regard. Vietnamese cuisine is inspired by delicious soups, sandwiches and spring rolls, Korean cuisine with sour fermented vegetable kimchi and Japanese sushi have long been an established street food in this country.

Party around the world: street food

Thai-style satay skewers, Turkish doner kebab, barbecued street food like chicken wings and burritos, or an original American street food burger promise meaty pleasure. Those who prefer hearty vegetarian street food can enjoy quesadillas, vegetable wraps, falafel with a typical street food sauce like salsa or samosas and Indian stuffed dumplings. You can really have fun all over the world! By the way, the best places for this are street food festivals and food truck markets: here you can try culinary delights from all over the world in the smallest of spaces. A look at the events calendar of the nearest major city provides information on gastronomic events in your area.

When it comes to street food, quality matters

In addition to the speed of preparation, the quality of the ingredients is increasingly characteristic of many street food dishes. Aspects such as sustainability, animal welfare and regionality are very important for many consumers today, a trend that more and more coffee shops are responding to. Meaty snacks dripping in cheap frying fat are replaced with high-quality beef patties, and the cabbage for the coleslaw comes from the nearby farmland. From this perspective, you can enjoy street food with a clear conscience. And: Visiting a street food festival or enjoying homemade delicacies at home is so much fun in good company with your friends and family!

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