Spirulina: Superfood or Superfluous Dietary Supplement? | Dennispoint Campground MD

The blue-green algae Spirulina is said to have a positive effect on a wide variety of ailments and deficiency symptoms. We are getting to the bottom of the statements.

What does it have to do with spirulina?

It is said that it strengthens the immune system, keeps you young, reduces allergies, helps you lose weight and prevents cardiovascular diseases and even cancer: Spirulina algae is heralded as the superfood par excellence. As is often the case with such health-related promises, skepticism is in order. Because they are scientifically proven in very few cases. Although spirulina, like the freshwater algae Chlorella, which is also available as a dietary supplement, contains the green plant pigment chlorophyll, plenty of protein, B vitamins and iron, the advertised effects are far from impressive. For one thing, the dosage of spirulina would have to be very high for nutrients like protein to have any effect. On the other hand, vitamin B12 and iron of plant origin are less digestible by the human body than their counterparts of animal origin.

Pay attention to the absence of harmful substances.

The consumer advice center also criticizes the fact that advertising claims such as “Spirulina has antioxidant properties” are simply not legally permissible. The fact that an algae cream can delay skin aging is as little proven as its slimming effect. Also, the powder and tablets can be contaminated with harmful substances because there are no uniform quality standards. If you still want to try spirulina products, you should make sure when purchasing that they have been tested for toxins and heavy metals. Consumer advocates recommend products from closed systems, i.e. production environments where spirulina does not come into contact with other algae or bacteria.

Tasty alternative: cooking with seaweed

Instead of reaching for spirulina in tablet form, you can also enrich your diet with fresh algae to utilize the nutrients. How about a delicious seaweed salad, wakame? Sushi, which is very popular in this country and can be prepared with seaweed, also comes from Japan. Nori seaweed sheets are used to wrap rice, fish and other ingredients. You can also cook delicious seaweed soups: try the famous miso soup.

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