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When you spend a lot of time alone at home and on bad days when the world doesn’t seem so rosy, there’s only one thing that helps: food for the soul. We present you delicious foods that can make you happy.

After long hours at the home office: the food that makes you happy

A piece of chocolate that melts tenderly and slowly melts in your mouth. Crispy chicken wings with baked potato. A hearty, steaming serving of macaroni and cheese. Spicy Pork Ribs Framed with Sweet Potato Fries – Is your mouth watering? Then you have just felt the first effects of Soul Food. Just thinking about “food for the soul” makes you happy. Soul food originated in the American South, where African Americans used inexpensive ingredients to cook hearty meals for their families. Typical are crispy fried and grilled meat, corn and cornbread, peas, beans, wheat, rice, potatoes, and shellfish. Strong spices like cayenne pepper make dishes fiery and spicy, like Cajun shrimp.

Chocolate: the typical food of the soul?

Generally speaking, soul food includes any food that you feel particularly comfortable with. Whether it’s a green minestrone or a hearty pork stew, the important thing is that you enjoy the food and take your time. Sitting around a barbecue with the family is just as good an idea as a chocolate fondue. Speaking of sweets: Chocolate is often said to make you happy. And that’s true. Here, like food for the soul, it’s not specific ingredients like serotonin that come into play, but rather psychological factors. With a piece of our favorite variety, we do something good for ourselves.

Soul food can but doesn’t have to be substantial

But it doesn’t always have to be something sweet. If you want to save calories, you can also improve your mood with foods without carbohydrates. A pile of fresh vegetables with a piece of fried salmon fillet, a large plate full of crisp salad, or low-carb pasta with tomato sauce—there are many paths to culinary bliss. Feel free to make a list of your favorite dishes and pull them out of the drawer whenever you need a little encouragement. The same goes for drinks, of course. Here you can enjoy the stimulating effect of certain ingredients when you feel lazy. Golden milk, for example, lifts your spirits with spices like turmeric and ginger. Whether soul food or soul drink – discover your personal eating and drinking treats!

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