Netflix ’ sulfur hit south korean date world series Single ’ s Inferno went through the wringer and its main frame. The series took a group of male and female contestants to a deserted island in the hopes of finding love. While audiences fell for many of them, Single ’ s Inferno Song Ji-a stumble rock bottom after the serial ended. due to a scandal, she stepped off from social media but has resurfaced doing charity work .
'Single's Inferno' Song Ji-a in hotel room'Single's Inferno' Song Ji-a in hotel room‘Single’s Inferno’ Song Ji-a | via Netflix

Song Ji-a received scrutiny for wearing fake designer items on ‘Single’s Inferno’

From the minute she appeared on screen, Ji-a captured the attention of the other contestants and audiences. Her looks and beauty had fans gasping and becoming intrigued. While on the island, she gained the care of two suitors. Fans became invest in her cunning yet confident demeanor .
After the achiever of the serial, she gained a bigger social media following as an influencer, but it all came crashing down in January. Netizens noticed a discrepancy with Ji-a ’ s clothe on Single ’ s Inferno and on her Instagram. They accused her of wearing fudge interior designer items like her Chanel sweater, Dior tube top, and even her Prada bag .
In South Korea, being accused of a scandal is a big manage. Ji-a ’ sulfur newfound fame was gone in an clamant. She soon uploaded an apology letter to Instagram admitting to the talk through one’s hat items and deleted any photograph with her wearing them. The backlash toward her did not let up, and she uploaded a second video explaining herself and her decision to step away from the public eye.

The last fans heard of Ji-a was when, according to Koreaboo, she donated roughly $ 16,200 to victims of forest fires in Korea in early on March. The Single ’ s Inferno contestant resurfaces doing a good deed once again .

‘Single’s Inferno’ Song Ji-a often volunteers at a soup kitchen

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Ji-a has previously stated she bought the talk through one’s hat items simply because she found them pretty and not with ill intentions. As months have gone on, fans have rallied behind her and feel the volume of the scandal was undue. Koreaboo reports Ji-a was spotted in public doing volunteer cultivate recently .
According to the Catholic Love And Peace House ’ s Instagram, they uploaded photos of their holocene volunteers, actor Kang Ye-won and Ji-a. Their post explains, “ Ji-a and Kang Ye-won visit once a month and work in the kitchen. They besides help hand out lunch boxes to the needy. Please keep spreading your cocksure influence. ”

Park Ji-yeon, the wife of comedian Lee Soo-geun, besides volunteered and expressed her gratitude and kindness toward Ji-a. She explains she is happy when cook and was grateful to be able to parcel it with good people. Park besides mentions that Ji-a ’ s help besides lifted her spirits higher .
In the photograph, fans are unable to see Ji-a ’ s face. She is wearing a white Calvin Klein baseball hood, a graphic tee, and a cream-colored cardigan. She helps the other volunteers make tasty korean side dishes .

The Netflix dating show was renewed for a second season

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Despite the many controversies that arose from Single ’ s Inferno and its project members, the serial was calm a success. Its shed has gained social media fame, moved on to new ventures and businesses, and remained friends. Netflix announced in April they have renewed the dating display for a second season.

Netflix Korea made the announcement on Twitter using scenes from the beginning season. They promise the same drama, the abandoned island, paradise, but it will be “ hot ” and steamier this time .
There is no news of the producers beginning a casting call or what will be changed in the new season. The producers had their ideas, but an official argument or premier has not been released .
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