The Best Boutique Hotels in SoHo, New York City

Tablet is your reference for discovering the world ’ s most exciting boutique hotels — places where you ’ ll find a memorable know, not fair a room for the nox. For over twenty dollar bill years we ’ ve scoured the ground, evaluating hotels for every taste and budget, creating a hand-pick selection that ’ s test and unforgettable. nowadays, we ’ re the official hotel choice of the legendary MICHELIN Guide. here are the top boutique hotels in SoHo, NYC :

Crosby Street Hotel

In general it ’ second true that we ’ rhenium disbelieving about the theme of hotel chains. But we tend to forget our principles when we ’ ra talking about the Firmdale group. Their six London hotels are six of the best hotels anywhere, and they can ’ triiodothyronine aid but be similar ; digression from the obvious fact that they all share the same city, they all just as obviously share the same general philosophy of what a hotel ought to be — which they owe to their owners, Tim and Kit Kemp. And a part of that is ocular, a lifelike family resemblance based on their all having been decorated by the identical recognizable Kit .
Crosby Street HotelCrosby Street Hotel immediately if we didn ’ thyroxine greatly admire the ( smallish, familiar, service-oriented ) Firmdale philosophy, and consider ourselves huge fans of Ms. Kemp ’ sulfur purpose style, we might be less agitate about a London-based mini-chain expanding into New York. But a hotel like Crosby Street is precisely what this city needs. The contrast between the downtown grit of the cobble street outside and the lavish sophistication of the hotel ’ randomness lobby is immediate, and striking. Say what you will about the bright colors and the decidedly un-minimal décor — it ’ s a rare New York boutique these days that presents thus opinionated a face to the populace .
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The Mercer

The first SoHo loft hotel is still the authoritative entry in the genre. This 19th-century Romanesque Revival build was filled with artists ’ lofts during the vicinity ’ s postwar flower, and its late- ’ 90s renovation at the hands of ace interior couturier Christian Liaigre transformed it into one of the best of the first generation of boutique hotels. And while the competition has multiplied, the Mercer ’ s never lost its shininess — sister to Chateau Marmont and the Chiltern Firehouse, it ’ s an André Balazs hotel, which means it ’ s perennially on the radar of some of the universe ’ s most style-conscious travelers .
The MercerThe Mercer Guest rooms put their loft-style oversized windows and hardwood floors to good use, and the fixtures and furnishings are custom pieces, designed by Liaigre to convey a singular sense of space. Its elegance comes from its chasteness and its convinced minimalism, while its materials and textures keep it from coming off cold. And while the rooms aren ’ metric ton enormous — this is New York, after all — the suites promptly expand into haute-luxury territory .
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Time was, a hotel ’ randomness liveliness span was measured out in fractions of a century ; now just staying about for a decade is a genuine accomplishment. Having opened towards the end of the early roll of downtown Manhattan boutique hotels, SIXTY SoHo, some years in, can now rightly be called an established classic.

SIXTY SoHoSIXTY SoHo The location doesn ’ thymine damage, down one of SoHo ’ s swankier streets, and a holocene multi-million-dollar renovation by the London-based graphic designer Tara Bernerd has left the interiors looking more vibrant than always. The soaring loft-style guest rooms are distillery as quintessentially downtown as they come, peer parts luxury-hotel shininess and boutique-hotel funk, with high-end italian linens, Dean & Deluca pantries ( we used to call them minibars ) and bathrooms that manage to be decadent and heavily marbled and yet youthfully fashionable at the like time .
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Modernhaus Soho

ModernHaus is blessed with a classical Downtown location that ’ randomness american samoa near to the upscale shops of Tribeca as it is to the cobble streets and artists ’ lofts that made SoHo celebrated. And in terms of aesthetic inspiration, it ’ s a moment of both : the construct, a mod concrete-and-glass tower, is very 21st-century SoHo, while the rooms and the décor embrace the classical mid-20th-century loft expressive style for which downtown Manhattan is thus well known..
Modernhaus SohoModernhaus Soho Dark hardwood floors and clean-lined modernist furniture set an elegant tone in the guest rooms, and the attention-getting slate-tile bathrooms add a note of decadent indulgence. Oversized windows bring in enough of ignite, and as you move astir into Corner Studios and Suites the spaces become more expansive and the comforts more residential .
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Arlo Soho

New York is always evolving. not all that many years ago, Hudson Square was a bit of a non-place, a nameless zone frame SoHo, Tribeca, and the West Village. But give people a cause to visit, and a vicinity is born. Arlo Soho got in early on, before the rush of growth, and the frugality of its developers enables it to offer modern boutique vogue at a price that would normally get you — well, we don ’ t even want to think about what, but surely not that.

Arlo SohoArlo Soho To be absolutely fairly, the size of the rooms is besides a factor. At 150 square feet, Arlo ’ s are modest, even by local standards — but if you want a suite broad enough to swing a guy in ( this is a figure of speech, please do not swing cats ) and you want it in Lower Manhattan, the economics are not in your favor. And here, while the rooms are compact, they ’ rhenium batch comfortable, finding space for mini-fridges and oeuvre desks, and, if you ’ rhenium lucky, opening onto an outdoor patio. Just pack decisively .
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