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Sneaky End Table with Hidden Drawers | DIY Nightstand Build
Sneaky End Table with Hidden Drawers | DIY Nightstand Build

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Sneaky End Table with Hidden Drawers | DIY Nightstand Build.

pecos outdoor table.

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21 thoughts on “Sneaky End Table with Hidden Drawers | DIY Nightstand Build | Summarize the most complete pecos outdoor table information”

  1. "water gun" lol
    I would like to see the drawer come out more. So that when you lift it up it stays up..

  2. The split drawer is a great idea. If you had attached the slides a smidge higher, you could have hidden the seam between the compartments too!

  3. Painting the back wood black, would also help “hide” finger notch for sneaky stuff, lol.
    That said, THIS IS AMAZING & looks Modern, sleek, & beautiful in any home!
    Of course for me, I’d use architectural vinyl and wrap legs w/ brushed aluminum or matte black; but to each their own
    Cheers April, as your an amazing person ✌🏻

  4. What kind of finish did you use? It’s so beautiful!! 😍 Thinking maybe black for the legs and pulls with that beautiful walnut.

  5. Awesome. Beautiful and perfect mobile!

    It's great to see women like you, it's something to be proud of. Independent, talented and still values veterans, family protection with gun ownership, among many other values that are being lost by movements that are a shame to the world. I'm from Brazil and I would love to have more women like you here.

  6. Great idea for a small cabinet. Like others have said the drawer slides should be mounted higher to hide the seam. Also if you used full extension slides you would be able to access more of your hidden drawer. Nice work as always.

  7. Always have some kind of latch to prevent doors (flaps) and drawers from accidentally opening unexpectedly (someone knocks over the cabinet, opens the drawer too far, etc… magnetic, push to open, 'child resistant', etc…

  8. Do you use solidworks? I'm fluent in pro engineer/creo, solidworks, so on so forth…but wasn't sure if one has an edge over the other? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  9. You have been a huge inspiration to me! When I watch your videos it motivates me to keep going. I don’t have a lot as a woodworker, but you give me hope and a goal to strive for!

  10. OK, holy Sh*t. that is a nice end table with the hidden feature. So cool looking after the finish you have applied. It is sharp for sure in any room. That really looked easy. I think I'll remember the booboo you made so I Don't go that route. Both sides do look the same though at that point in the build. Peace : )

  11. I just finished watching your workbench video. It has Awesome content. I have subscribed and am ready to add your videos to my collection of "Fine Woodworking". Thank you for your time. Peace : )


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